Saturday, October 17, 2009

True color

If there is something that I would invest on, it would definitely be gold. There are so many kinds of gold though. There is white, yellow, reddish, Chinese, American, and so many others. Gold has really become something that is popular not just for women but also for men, kids and adults alike. More often than not, when you talk of jewelry or something valuable, you think of gold, right? However, do not be deceived by just any gold in the market. There are fake ones too. Sometimes you could not tell the difference until the fake one shows its real color.

A few moment in the lips

A few moment in the lips, forever in the hips. I was busy eating bread with cream cheese when I got curious on the calorie count of the cheese. Oh, no! The cup would mean 2800 calories! To think that I almost finished half the cup! It tasted great, that was why! Now, I have to rethink about buying one again. I guess, I have to content myself with cottage cheese!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who is my favorite?

Sometimes my boss has this habit of putting someone in the spot. She held a meeting last time for the victims of flash flood. She said that she just wanted to know how it has been for the victims and to sort of give some moral support. However, since there seemed nothing to talk about as the meeting has no agenda, she just tried to fish some information on how her core is doing. She asked the agents about how the team leaders are doing.

Who is my favorite? I said, no one. That person should be someone that I could look up to.