Monday, May 31, 2010

Everybody gets a haircut

It is only now that I am thinking or asking myself all those what ifs. You know, what if I just went to a Florida Cosmetology School? Would I be more successful? Everybody gets a haircut. Everybody wants to look pretty and handsome. I myself would definitely be a beauty conscious if I am a beautician myself. My friend's husband is a hairdresser in Canada and he really earns much. Imagine being able to purchase a condo unit thru his earnings! That is such an achievement already.

I advise those who are thinking of a College course. Think hard before jumping on a College course. Do you really like it and do you really see yourself to be in that future?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Refreshing night shower

I feel refreshed. I just finished taking a bath. As a matter of fact, a towel is still wrapped around my head. I do not want my hair dripping on my sleeveless shirt. I am already lazy to dry it up using the hair dryer or by the electric fan. It is a hot day, huh! The moment I arrived home and steeped at our doorstep, I went immediately to the sink and washed my face. I decided to take a shower immediately. At first, I thought of half bath. But then again, the water was so inviting. If I have a bath tub, I will surely take a dip. A night swimming is entertained in my thoughts too. Now, since I am refreshed, I am getting sleepy. However, since my hair is still wet, I have to stay up and maybe just do some blogging.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My mind stopped working

I am sleepy now. It has been a tiring day. I think that it has been a good day. No big deals that happen but at least all is good. Now, I am sleepy. I really like to lie down and close my eyes and lay flat on the floor. Yes, on the floor. No bed at all!

If only the wifi connection is working then maybe I can continue on blogging from time to time as I wake up after a nap and then sleep again and then take a nap again.

Anyways, it is obvious that I am already sleepy. I could not write anything new but I am sleepy. My mind has stopped working. Need to rest now.

Good night to all!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Income generating

Investing in real estate has proven to be income generating or really makes a person rich. Most successful businessmen will tell you to invest in real estate. I learned that from my previous boss. Actually, he advised me to buy land from far away places where it is still cheap. He said that I just have to make a forecast if it will be developed in the future or even its nearby areas. It is best if there will be a prospective road connection, then it will be a jackpot! Yes, my previous boss did that and now he could afford to buy real estate properties not just for business but for pleasure. He wants to expand also and go worldwide. He is now eying a Tamarindo Real Estate. Wow, that is in Costa Rica! Yes, I am still keeping my communication with the man. Who knows? In the future, I might have lots of cash already and he will be one of my advisers on where to invest my blood and sweat. I hope that I could reach his status which could afford him to relax already and maybe live in a faraway peaceful town like that in Costa Rica. I hope that his negotiations with that real estate will push through.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer activity

I feel guilty of not being able to enroll my son to any summer activity. I hope it is not too late. However, we are financially constraint nowadays and do not have extra budget for anything. All we have is just enough for food, water, transportation and other utilities. Business is not good these days, that is why. We came from a very big expense when we went to the province because we wanted everybody to have a great time. It is hard to travel when you are limited.

From now on, I will write my priorities and save for it and really follow it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Half hearted

Yes, this blog is still alive! Once in a while I will post but most of the time, I am away. Anybody there who wants to take over? Ghost writing? Not really. I am half hearted in giving up this blog because it is my second blog. Yes, somehow, it is very dear to my heart. It just that I somehow feel guilty of not being able to update this blog now and then.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A very good businessman

My son has the potential to be a very good businessman in the future. He has these wild ideas on how to earn money. Yesterday, he got his Popsicle sticks and strings and made those into pendulums. He then tied some at our gate. He said that he was selling each for ten dollars. What? According to him, he wanted to have lots of money so that he could buy gold coins. He said that when he already has the gold coins, he would sell them again for a higher price. Clever boy!

I really hope that my son will grow up to be street smart. That is why, I have to give him a good education. Yes, in time, I will introduce him also to sites like where he could learn more about gold and how to keep it safely.