Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In my pajamas

Uh,oh! I am still here at the PC yet I have to go to work already! Prioritize, prioritize,prioritize. Okay, I would get up after this post. Yes, I am here typing and sitting on the bed. Even though I know that it would give me some backache, I keep on doing it. well, I need some privacy doing my work. Working at the living room means exposing myself to visitors. It means I have to dress up and wear my bra. So better be here in my pajamas.

Feel like being there

I attended many Christmas parties and there were so many pictures here and there. The ones that I loved most were those taken during our family reunion. Almost everybody was present except those who live abroad and those who did not make it to take a leave from work. Huh, considering that it was a Sunday, some people still had to go to work.

Anyways, I already saved those photos at my PC. Now, I just have to send them via e-mail or upload in a social network. I was just thinking, what if those that I would send to are still busy then they would not be able to savor the moment and at least keep up with that memory as if they also had been there. If only they have a Digital Photo Frame where they would see pictures flashing! Yes, it is possible through Ceiva! You just have to sign up for a family plan. At Ceiva, anyone who has a digital photo frame subscription could send photos to one another. Just download it and Ceiva would do the rest for you. See pictures flash out in an instant.

Hey, this could be one of the most useful and precious items to give away this Christmas. It would never be too late and anyone who would receive this kind of gift would surely appreciate it!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Run with thime

I was late eight times for this month! What is happening to me? I was never this tardy. My husband seemed to think that I am loosing interest in my job or maybe does not like to strive harder. I do not know. I need inspiration I always say that. Well, I hope to be healthy again in all aspects this coming year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding plan

If you are to plan a wedding, what are the things that you consider? It will depend if it would be just on a civil ceremony or in a church, I guess. One of our officemates is to wed this January 2009. Her close friend who happened to be a buddy of mine is tasked to find a good make up artist. Well, the future bride has this celebrity complex. She wanted to look like one. In preparation for the big event, she even took some pills so that she would have a fairer complexion. She is now going nuts as the date of the realization of her dream becomes nearer.

She only invited a few guests. However, she makes sure that the godparents would at least could afford to give a gold bullion. Well, all couples need something for a fresh start!

Still hoping

Haaaayyyyy.... there are only few opportunities these days. I am quite sad about it. I want more so that I could earn more. It is Christmas time and extra expenses are left and right. I know that I should know how to control but really, it is hard to say no when everyone agrees, right?

I am still hoping to get more assignments though. I know, God will provide.

8 pieces of apple

We went out around 1230PM. I had to advise the teacher of my son that he would be absent again. I stayed for a few chat regarding my son's progress and their class Christmas party. I learned that there would be a pot lock. The morning and afternoon classes would be combined. My son's share would be eight pieces of big apples. Red, I suppose and not the Fuji ones. I saw the list and some are tasked to bring 8 pieces of fried chicken. I am contented and quite satisfied that we would just only bring apples.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Listen to online educational podcasts

I am thinking of getting an online education. Now, my dilemma is what to choose from those online college courses. Of course, I should weigh possibilities and there are factors that I should really consider. Number one is if I really like what I am going to decide on. I already have a college degree and my line of work right now has no relation in whatever way to that degree. I do not want it to happen again. Another most important thing to consider is the job opportunities after graduation. Oh, I should have put number one in the list the online school of course where I should get that course!

It would help to research or maybe better yet listen to online podcasts from online students and teachers. Capella University has that! Well then, I should just check this online university.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Just like older children

I am thinking of a blog overhaul! Well, I have been keeping this template for the longest time. Maybe it is now time to change the look or should I wait for next year? Oh, by the way, 2009 will be the year of the Ox! My year! Well, I pray and give it all to the Lord to guide us!

Going back... I am just happy that this blog is alive again so I guess, it deserves some of my attention. Yeah, I created other blogs and much of my time was given to those new ones. Just like older kids, I thought that this blog could be independent enough, lol! Maybe, I just need to make and strictly follow a certain schedule. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank you to my Entrecard Droppers

Hey guys, see the Dropaholics widget at my sidebar? Well, I am not really a dead serious dropper but I like that widget because it shows my top droppers. It sort of works as a link love already and I do not have to put it every month. I have not thank my loyal droppers since I joined Entrecard. Now, I could already drop by their blogs as well without checking on my dashboard who dropped by this blog also. Pretty amazing and useful for me. There is one thing I noticed though. If you are going to display the badges, it would not be the same like when you would display the links only. Displaying the links is more accurate for me.

Blood pressure monitor for Christmas

For Christmas, I am thinking of buying a medical equipment. Well, I think we need a blood pressure monitor. Though my baseline blood pressure (BP) is only 90/60, my husband has a different story. Well, they have history of hypertension in their family. Lately, I have been noticing that hubby is getting short tempered. I am afraid that his BP might raise anytime.

If you are going to purchase any kind of medical equipment and supplies, you could already purchase it online at AllegroMedical.com. It is a very good news. I could still remember when I was in College that we bought my first BP apparatus in a popular store very far from the place I lived in. It took us four hours of commuting to get that. Now, online shopping is very convenient.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Earn more to share more

My brother has been texting me during the past few days for a little help. My heart was broken because I could not do anything about it yet. Gone are the days that I had so much that he would not say it again, the help would just be in his hands in no time. I hope he understands.

I have a family now and my son and my husband are my priorities. I also have bills to pay just like the others do. I wonder why my mother could not understand that or she just no other person to turn to?

Anyways, today is salary day. I only have enough to last us again until the next pay day. But what can I do? I could not say now that I do not have anything to give just what I said and of truth the past days. I said, yes, as usual. I just think that I am more blessed.

I really hope to earn more so that I could share more.And, as always, I know that the One Up There will always provide.

Come into the clear world

would you rather be in a blurry world or you could see clearly again by wearing prescription eyeglasses? What is keeping you to buy one? Would it be the old style that would make you look older or the cost? Look now! You could now afford those prescription eyeglasses! Yes, for as low as 15$ only from Optical4less! Moreover, you should not look like a nerd` if you do not like to look like one, huh! I once wanted to look like nerd or smart before. I was wearing protection eyeglasses. Oh, I wanted to look more matured before. Anyways, going back to the eyeglasses which are being sold online at Optical4less, there are so many designs to choose from. There is a complete set of prescription eyeglasses. Even the anti-reflective coating are included for free! Who could beat that,huh! You could also order tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading glasses, photochromic sunglasses and much more! No worries if you are thinking about the fitting because there is a virtual try on system. How cool could that be! You could try on as many as you can of those trendy,fashionable and stylish frames. Get more than one pair and shipping is free. You could order now in time for Christmas! It could be a great gift for you and for your loved ones who might just need to wear eyeglasses. Delivery is very fast. Your eyeglasses would arrive within a week!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog approved!

I am very happy that this blog has been approved for another blog advertising company. Well, that means additional income. If only I would not touch those earnings, maybe I have lots of savings already. I checked my pay pal and the figures there are not bad at all. I have been blogging for money for more than a year already. Well, of course, I encashed all the earnings already . I am currently working alone, meaning the bread winner and my salary would not suffice for all of our expenses. I am very thankful for this blogging opportunity.

Affordable gift ideas

If I am about to give a gift, there are things that I consider. First, I would like it to be useful. It should be something that would last meaning it is not consumable. So, lotions,cologne,soap,fruit cake, toothpaste are all crossed out. I also take note of the age of the person . What are his likes and dislikes? Would the gift that I would give him be really something that he needs? And of course, budget is also of utmost importance.

Selecting the right gift for the right person could really be nerve cracking and time consuming. It helps to get gift ideas and suggestions from others. Moreover, it would be practical to just ask the person what he wants. That is why, in the office, we have this wish list for our exchange gift. I noticed in that list that many would like to get a flash drive. Well, almost everybody has a computer nowadays and a flash drive proved to be really helpful for sharing and saving files. I know one person who even use her flash drive for recording her review book so that during her idle time at work, she would just pug it in and listen to her notes. A flash drive is really a practical gift.

Since almost everybody would like to get a flash drive, why not get a personalized one? To each his own as to the color and material to be used. There are wooden ones too.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Plain housewife?

What is the definition of a plain housewife? the one who stays at home, look after the kids, take care of the household, and be a good wife. That includes cleaning of the house, doing the laundry and ironing the clothes! Is it not being the maid? A house help gets even more because he or she is being paid to do those things, right? It is really hard to be a maid. I feel like one the past few days. I did all the cooking and laundry and pressing of clothes. How about cleaning the house? Oh, the time is not enough for me to squeeze that!

Anyways, what can I do? We do not have a maid right now and I think not in the near future. Finding one is hard and moreover, they are quite expensive these days.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It is possible to be debt free

One of the original topics supposedly that I would like to tackle on this blog is how to get out of debt. Really now! The key is to start acting on it. Believe it or not, I stopped adding to my debt in more ways than one. It is just the high interest rates that have been digging me into that debt hole. I should seek now professional assistant, I guess. You know, something that would make a program for me and how to address my obligations. One that would not sacrifice my daily needs. It means that a debt solution that is made for my present financial status.Yes, it is possible with debtfreellc.com/.

Lifestyle check

Are you experiencing upset stomach lately? Or you might be having constipation more often? How about indigestion? I read that there are only three secrets for better digestive health.

1. Less stress
2. More exercise
3. Better diet

Who says it is easy? That seems a complete lifestyle change isn’t it? A change in your daily routine. I for one am just writing it to somehow encourage me to have a better lifestyle and get on the track again. But still, I am really having a hard time. Exercise and diet are causing me stress!

Kidding aside, I think I should act now on that. My husband was looking at me last night and he lovingly commented that I am getting fatter everyday. Not to mention all the symptoms I have been experiencing lately.

Pounding headache

I am having a pounding headache and I could not function. Well, I am on the last days of my red visitor. I was spared of the premenstrual symptoms like migraine but it is attacking right now. Or is it because I tested the rains yesterday if it would affect me at all. Yes, I went outside without umbrella. I forgot to bring one on my way to the office. Oh, what is it with this rainy December? Anyways, I hope that this headache will go away soon. Paracetamol? I am too lazy to take one. I do not want to turn to it all the time.

Simply fashionable

Taking about financial health and living a good life, the key is to keep it simple. I think it is true and I have learned some lessons. Like in buying jewelries, I go now for fashion jewelry rather than those expensive diamonds. I would still love to have diamonds though if someone would give me. I find fashion jewelries practical. You could wear it anytime without any worries that someone might grab it from you without your permission. The best thing is you could afford to buy a fashion jewelry thus you could get as many designs as you want. You could buy one for daily use.There are designs also that you could match to an evening dress. You could wear anything you fancy about when it comes to fashion jewelry.