Thursday, November 8, 2007

Battle # 2 - Debts!

Who does not have debts? I am currently having debts that I seem cannot handle. I cannot blame anyone but myself. So many "I should have's" and "If only's
" are coming into my mind. Just like today. The phone rang a while ago and I told my husband to tell that I am not home if someone will look for me. But, I do not have any intention to ran from them. It is just that, I do not have the resources to face them right now. I will settle all my debts as I have been in good credit standing for the past years. It only has been two months anyway that I missed payments.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Battle # 1

Current Weight:
Healthy weight range:
101 - 137 lbs
Current BMI:
Ideal BMI:
18.5 - 25

This is my battle # 1.To lose weight.I have not been facing life's battles lately and just go with the flow. I have to start. I know I have ben saying this over and over again and I have not taken it seriously. I have to act on it and not just say it. I will take it one day at a time. Oh, yes, today! I know I have taken lots of fats since this morning. I hade this excuse of not getting to the treadmill.But it is still a long day ahead. I know I will be working eight hours sitting down here at the office.How can I lose some weight? Exercise while working? Ankle stretches? Whatever!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Automatic Planner

It is still my rest day.1030 am and I had washed tons of laundry.I have been looking at the web for some opportunities.I am also thinking of what I will do tomorrow going back to the office.All the disputes that I have to attend to especially those roaming disputes that compiled at my work que.You know those subscribers who roam abroad and used their mobile phones then after seeing the bill will dispute the charges otherwise? It is really stressful to talk to those people.I know deep in their hearts that all charges are valid.Maybe they just did not anticipate that it will be that big.Then, I have to go to the bank to pay for my son's educational plan.It is due today but it is Barangay Elections in the country thus, offices are closed.

Later, we are going to the mall.We are to build our house and we will be looking for tiles, woods, doors, cabinets.Basically, canvassing first. We are excited on how our small place will look like.

I wish there could be a site that would give the calculations by just entering the size of the house in square meters, then the size of the rooms. I want it to compute for the number of the tiles to be used, number of paint cans, wood, cament, gravel and sand. Everything.Life would be esaier if there is one like that, don't you think?

I found SmartDraw at the web but I really do not know how to use it.But , I think it is also useful for draftsmen. I wish they could have one for those who do not have any knowledge at all.

Gotta go.My husband is to arrive and off to the mall we go.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Report

It is already 10/27/07.Five days since I have written that Day 1 post.So, how did I fare with my diet?I did not pass!There were things that I was able to avoid but I did not have any exercise at all.
I have been preoccupied lately with a lot of things that is why the supposed strict dieting is taken aside.It is really funny that it needs concentration on my part.Really!I think I will lose weight if I will just stay home and sleep all day.It is very effective for me.It is scientific also because there is a condition atrophy due to disuse.One good example is my sister's left extremity.She encountered an accident last September 25, 2007.All of her metatarsals on the left foot ere cut into halves.she cannot walk with both legs right now .If you can see her lower extremities (LE), the right LE is
very much bigger than the LE.Its muscles already atrophied.But, of course, it can recover through exercise.

As of the moment I weigh 168 lbs and very bloated as my sister's neighbor commented a while ago.I did not feel offended at all? Even though she is also as big as I am? Yes, I did not show that I was offended.I just had her as a reason why I did not eat the two fried drumsticks that my husband cooked for me tonight!

Hay, I really how to even be 140lbs at least.But that is 28 lbs! to lose.

I can do it.I can.I know.Heeeeelllllppppppp!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 1

Foods eaten- 3 pieces Oreo, 4 pieces of pandesal
Drinks- 1 glass of orange juice and 1 cup of coffee
Exercise- none yet
Activities- still here sitting down and trying to list down what I have doe so far-- well, it is brain activity.They said that thinking consumes more calories but it also increases one's apetite.Promise, after this post I will work.Today is my restday so I am having time to just sit here.

Things to do:
1.wash the dishes
2.clean the house
3.wash clothes- it is rainign though.I hope I could still wash.Hope the rain will stop.
4.visit my sister- yes, I planned it yesterday and even told her.I know she will understand because it is raining.I do not have my own car,eh.
5.arrange the clothes- we have some clothes that we do not really use.I plan to dispose them already.
6.cook (?)- I am not sure.I am not really a hearty eater on my own.It is my husband who cooks well.He is out right now to her mom.He goes out whenevr it is my rest day.
7.take care of my kid- yes- my four year old son- well, he is a good boy.He only loves to watch Tom and Jerry or play with his Thomas Train.
8.Exercise (?)- that is a very big battle for me.I'd rather sleep.Isn't cleaning and washing the clothes exercise enough.I really don't want to get the answer.

That is all for now.Gotta start.

The Temple

There is a phrase in the Holy Book that tells about how we should take care of our body.It says that it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.Another verse also said, "Be Holy for I am Holy".

I am having some wake up calls these days regarding my weight.My friend might say that I have been saying it for the longest time but really, I am having some symptoms that I can attribute with my being Obese Class 2. Yes, I am only around 5'2 but I weigh 168 lbs.I am really big.Before, I was only 111 lbs.Then I became 130 lbs. The biggest I was when I was still single was 140 lbs. Still big for my height.But, I was sort of muscular so it was only few percent fat.Then, I got pregnant.Had an excuse for eating much or to be out of control?During my term, I already bloated to 180- 185 lbs.Luckily when my son was born, I became 160-165 lbs.My son is turning 4 already this December and yet, I even gained extra pounds instead of losing some.

Today is Tuesday.They said that diet starts Monday.Can I start now? I had just eaten 5 medium sized pandesal with coffee ( read:1/2 teaspoon coffee, 2 tsps sugar, 2tsps of coffee mate).Lots of zero calories, huh!

But how about this temple? It is experiencing some troubles that it might collapse! I am obese! Oh, STRESS.So, because of obesity, I am having stress and that stress is causing much more bad symptoms like dandruff, constipations, pimples, sleepless nights, irritability.Lots of not so good stuffs!

Oh, got to start.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Other Side

Fly and be free.Feel the wind blows.Close your eyes and see the real world.All seen by mind will come true.

Speak up.Say what you think.No one will judge you.
It is only between you and me.

Show who you are.Open the closet.No secrets.All out.

I decided to have this blog as my outlet for everything that is bounded by rules.All those do's and don'ts. My heart always wanted to explode whenever I wanted to say something that I can't because it might not be good .Now I am free. I can say whay I want to say. I can feel what I want to feel.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hunger, Dizziness and Vomiting

When a woman experiences dizziness then eventually throw up, initial reaction of people is, are you pregnant?

There are many causes of dizziness.It could be some eye problem, piercing of some arteries, intolerance to movement, some specific odors and many others.

I, myself experience so much dizziness two days ago.Could it be the air-conditioning that frozen my brain? Or, that long drive- I am still not used to long travel- eh!Oh, wait now, could it just be that I was hungry?I only had 1/2 cup of rice meal for the whole day.Well, I am on a diet right?

I guess, suppressing that hunger is not the solution for my weight problem.I did not want to experience that dizziness and vomiting due to hunger again.