Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trusted source

I am thinking of a good investment. My son is growing up and we need extra income to sustain our lifestyle. I do not want the time to come that he will experience how hard life is. I did go through that. We had to go to the nearest mini grocery store and borrow food. Borrow means we have to get food and we are going to pay for it at the end of the month when my Mom already got the salary of my late Dad. Yes, we had so many credit lines if you will call it nowadays. The only difference is that, we are forever in debt in the minds of our neighbors unlike in credit card companies wherein, we are being treated as valued clients. Anyways, so much of the past. Going back to the investment I am talking about, my friend is encouraging me to buy gold bars. I think that it is a good idea. Gold is valuable and I never heard of anything negative about gold. I just have to get it from a trusted source.

Schedule for Monday

My accomplishment for today? I ironed my uniforms that I will wear until Thursday! Yes, that means I have more time during the day. Maybe I could follow my schedule already. Hmmm.... I have to make it already. Let me see.

1. Wake up at 6AM- no promises though. Hahaha! Well, I love sleeping
2. Walk for thirty minutes-the nutritionist said that I could do 30 minutes brisk walking per day. I do not promise to do that but I will try.
3. 7 AM- eat breakfast- oatmeal or peanut butter sandwich? Wow, healthy, huh!
4. Prepare to go to the office- I am on an early shift tom!
5. 730AM- off to the road
6. 9-6= office
7. 7PM- off to the road
8. 8PM- hope to be home already- eat dinner
9. 9PM- I should be doing blogging?
10. 10 PM onwards- watch TV
11. 12AM- sleep

Hmmmm.... I shall review this schedule and see what I could still squeeze in.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I want to do

There are things that I realized I have not done. Hey, I am turning 37 in a month's time yet I have not lived a full life?

Thus, I am making a list of the things I would like to try. Small ones and big ones. Let me start with small ones:
1. Go to all the famous coffee shops in the city and make a review of all of them
2. Watch a movie at movie theaters at least once a month or every two months
3. Monthly or twice a month pedicure
4. Hair rebond? yes, there is a question mark because I do not think that it is practical for me.
5. Eat cake! Well, different flavors at different shops and make a review of that too!
6. Tour the country~ and take a picture and make a list of places I want to go to. That will mean saving for it too. When you have a goal then it will be easy, I guess.

See, many things, right? There are a whole lot more but I am sleepy already. Next time, I will write more about it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get pampered

I wonder how it is to go to school again. It is not that I am going to take a master's degree or another dreaded course to get a white collar job. I am planning to try going to a cosmetology school. You know, the beauty business has always been around. I think it is stable. The competition might be stiff also but there will always be clients around especially if you could offer real good service. I passed by a new nail spa yesterday and it got tons of customers. The place was jam packed so to speak. Maybe the service there is really good. Well, it could be the place itself too. You know, it is inside a mall thus very convenient for shoppers who are tired from all the buying and would like to rest for a while. What a way to do it by having their toes pampered, right? I am excited!

Tomorrow is the day!

Everybody is waiting for that Pacquiao match with Cottley. Did I get it right? Anyways, many would still like a fight with Mayweather but we just have to content ourselves with Cottley. Anyways, a Pacquiao fight is a Pacquiao fight. We just hope that the Pacman will still give a good fight or a good show, I mean.

So, everybody would like to watch it LIVE as much as possible. Thanks to pay per view TV!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Senseless sometimes

I am glad that I still some people at my chat box. Thank you, all! I apologize that I have not been updating so much lately. Well, you know, I am a working Mom and I work hard for the money, so hard for the money but I never... err, I do not intend to sing here or write all the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, huh!

I miss blogging like this, you know. Writing anything. Sometimes senseless, but , we are senseless sometimes, right? If not, we will bore our self to death.

Anyways, til next time folks!