Saturday, September 26, 2009

Protect your eyes from those paints

Sports is good for our health. When you engaged in a physical sport and you sweat, it refreshes your body. When your body is refreshed, so is your mind. Then, you will feel rejuvenated. There are a lot of other skills that could be developed because of a particular sport.

One of the sports that is getting popular these days is Paintball. This game is available in one of the parks here in our country. Paintball is like military combat but instead of real bullets, you hit your enemy with paint! It is pretty colorful, as I see it! Since paint should not go to our eyes, we should be equipped with Paintball goggles. Yes, aside from the paintball jerseys, your gun with paint and your bag, the goggles complete your get up! Enjoy!

A Time For Everything

My husband had just finished Die Hard so he was here wanting me to stop what I am doing also.Hey, I am working, I said. He said that there is a time for everything. I am guilty! Today is my last rest day for the week and for the past four days; I have not really been giving my husband and son the quality time that I am supposedly proud of. They are out right now. They are just driving around the village for some fresh air. So, me, I just have to post this and I have to do some cooking(?).Well, I will try to be a better wife and mom even for some hours.

Bye PC.See you later.LOL!

Take another path

Stop.Concentrate. Move on.
I need to master the art of letting go and erasing what happened yesterday and try to make this a new day. Sometimes I am being dragged by the past.

Haaaayyyy... It is not healthy at all. Maybe I should just stop. Maybe I should just take another path.

I really do not know.

For now, I want to close my eyes. Think of life. What do I see?

Go to Disney

What could be a good treat for your kids before they finally go back to school? How about Disney Tickets ? Well, Disneyland is the best if not the best amusement park here on earth. Some of my friends have already experienced its magic. Last year, my friend went to US. Most of our other friends though went to Hongkong which is just near to our country. As of me, I prefer to go to Orlando. Well, it is not all about Disney but also the other entertainment that the place offers as well. There are other parks there like the Sea World where my son would love to go to. He loves fishes.

A Diet tip:split that meal

I and my husband used to eat as if it is our last day on earth. That could be the reason why I grew this big, eh! Imagine ordering all those chicken, spaghetti, French fries, hamburger and fries. Wait, we still have sundae for dessert.That was our usual movie treat! Yeah, before or after watching a movie, we ate all those in one sitting. Even during fine dining, we also pig out.

Well, it has to stop. Here is one tip that I received from e-mail:

Split your meal with your dining companion. Restaurant portions are the ultimate diet trap. Those pasta portions are often enough to feed a family of four. Save on cost and calories by splitting an entrée with your partner.

Sensible isn’t it? I will keep that in mind. I have to, if I want to look like the image in this post! LOL!


Positive attitude

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough
people to make it worth the effort." - Herm Albright

I always wear a smile. People see me as sunshine? I hope so. Many people have noticed though that it seems that I am always happy. Well, yes, I am trying to be positive. I really hope that I could keep up with that disposition eventhough there are some trials that are coming my way today. I just think that I am still more blessed compared to others.

Good food

Have you heard of riviera maya family vacations? If you would like to go to Mexico then you should look for Karisma Hotels. Go to the site, You could choose from a wide range of choices for your dream vacation. Whether you would like an exclusive vacation for you and your partner or a family vacation for you and your kids, Karisma has one for each need and specification. I choose one with fine dining . I love to eat good food and specialty dishes.

Just do not forget your basic medical supplies when you travel like paracetamol. It is very important especially if the place you are going is far from the city.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Beggars could not be choosers

Beggars could not be choosers? Yes, that is me right now. We just have to live with what we have and could not ask for more. Well, I guess time would come that we would be out of this situation. I really hope so. It would be in a matter of two days including today, ha,ha,ha! Yes, I am crazy again. Well, it is like a cycle. I hope that next month or in the days to come it would not be like this.

Okay, I have to go! I still have to work!

Sign of maturity

How time flies. Before, what we are just talking about are sort of shallow like new clothes and new shoes. Now, we are talking used cars, condominiums, houses, investments and the future! Sign of maturity? Yes, we are not getting any younger anymore and we have our responsibilities for the younger generation.

We already have our own house. It is just small though. My husband wanted to buy a bigger one once we already have enough resources. As of me, I would like to buy a car. It is really hard to commute these days especially when it is raining. I am not planning to buy a brand new one though. It would be very expensive that I could not afford it. Right now, I am still comparing the prices and is helping me with tha.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hard to find a job

Here in the Philippines, it is hard to find a job. Why so? Could it be that we are just choosy or we do not like to work at all? Well, staying home could be fun and easy but it could be boring also in the long run.

My sister does not like to stay home. I do. It is just that I really have to work. I may not be that totally happy with my present job anymore but I guess, I could not find any employer as good as my present employer is. I guess, I just have to do my best and think that what I am doing is for my family.