Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I am Still Awake

Hohum! It is 1244AM already here! I know I have to sleep but I am still full. I am experiencing some heartburn lately that really hurts, huh! Therefore, I have to stay up even if I have to wake up early. Yes, I am on a morning shift this time! After one-hour maybe and a glass of water, I will call it a day.

Be personal

I always wanted to give away personalized Christmas cards for the coming Holidays. Too early to talk about it? It is already August in a couple of days and ordering gifts and cards for everyone should be started by now. The early bird catches the worm as they say. Of course, there is still the Halloween season wherein to make fun cards together with those trick or treat give aways would really be fun. It can also be a good business, don’t you think so?

Now that everything can be done through the computer, you might think that it is still not that easy especially if you are not a professional. That is where Vista Print could help you. Browse through their site and get started. Take advantage of their Special Sale wherein you could get some free items too! You just have to take care of the shipping and handling, of course!

For companies who will hold events and need promo giveaways like magnets, sticky notes, hats-shirts and the like, Vista Print has all of that! Try to make your own design. You can even put your own picture!

Surely, my dream of giving away a personalized Christmas card will happen this year. That is only because of VistaPrint.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


While doing this post, I am washing the clothes, watching TV and trying to take care of my four-year-old son. He is on Kinder but classes are finished so he is home already. Good thing his cousin is around playing with him. Right now, he shouting .That is how he plays with his cousin, shouting hard to his ears so that he can get what he wants. Well, I got some patience to tolerate that. Good thing his Dad is not around or else, he will be spanked to keep quiet.

On top of the game

I see the IT people in our office being highly paid. I sort of envy them sometimes knowing that I could have taken that path also if I wanted too. It is not only the salary that is attractive but also the knowledge that they have about technology. It is now the era of computers, password, programs and the like. Everything is almost automated. All businesses need an IT expert.

Telecommunications and setting up of networks be it big and small are also the main trend in the industry today thus the high demand for information technologists in all levels. The competition is becoming great also amongst the IT graduates because the higher the demand, there are also an influx of enrollees for the IT course. After graduation, what is the demarcating factor between them? There is no board exams for ITs as doctors of medicine or nurses and other professions do. There are certifications, instead. Where to get a trusted one? They can check on Cisco certification. Cisco offers many courses for different levels and depending on the nature of job, one is to apply for. The skills that he might need appropriate for the role that he will be partaking say in the setting up of network and the like.

In everything that we do, we have to stay on top of the game. Be it in IT or in a different field, for us to rise above the rest, we should always keep our best foot forward. How to achieve that? Be good and continue to achieve to become the best. For ITs, let Cisco help you with that.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you manage petty quarrels?

I am praying for patience everyday. With all the pressures inside the household and in the office, patience is really needed. I admire all those who keep their cool, every time. In our house, we always have petty quarrels. Sometimes, I get into it and eventually make it big, And then I thought, oh, the matter is too small to be given time and attention. I should have shrugged my shoulders off and did not mind it at all. What if those fights become frequent? If you add one plus one, it becomes two and so on and so forth. You might just wake up one day that there is already a very big dark cloud inside your home. Keep mum about it? Stay quiet? Accept it? Everyday is a continuous struggle thru life. I hope I will make it.

Do you want more readers?

Why do you blog? There are some anonymous blogs that became like that because they want to keep it to themselves, maybe as a personal online diary. What if you would like to share information and meet people? In the long run, you will also try to monetize your blog. Why not? That will be an extra source of income. If you would like to share information and make money, what do you need? People to read your blog and blog posts. You should have the magic word, traffic. How do you do that? There are many ways really. Sometimes, your web host can even provide that for you but on a limited basis depending on what you pay for. Why pay when you can deliver your content for free? Yes, through Zookoda. It is like having your own newsletter thru e-mail. Yes, your posts will be directly sent to the inbox of your readers! No spam worries! Here are some benefits of Zookoda:
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So, what are we all waiting for? Sign up now for free! I am sure that your traffic will be increased and more and more people will be interested going to your site. Increased traffic means you have to do better so it somehow indirectly inspires you also to make quality posts, right?

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My husband strikes again! Did he hurt my feeling or not? Well, he was looking for our picture frames so that he could put it on the wall. I pointed to the very big frame with somewhat a portrait of mine. He said that it is not a picture but an artifact already. Well, I was still young in that picture and…slim! I just laughed it off. He added that I should be singing Regine Velasquez’s hit “ Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang”…it means if I could only bring back… I said, why not? I can still lose the weight. :-)

Guy meets girl

Even in the oldest times, fixing the hair is evident and a necessity for both men and women. That is why, there are many products in the market for the hair. When I was in my younger years, I have a beautiful hair that I could turn into different styles. That is made possible with the help of a good shampoo and conditioner.

Let me share a story about Victory hair. I have a friend who looks really hot. Moreover, she knows to even look better by making up her hair. Whether she wear it long or short, up or down, it is good on her head. There was once a time that we were in a party and a person approached us. Hmn, the guy by the way also looked great and his hair seemed very soft to touch. His hair was also well kept. I wonder if he used Extreme Style by VO5.I could say that he and my friend was a perfect match. He offered to bring us home. My friend and I were neighbors. I went ahead to my house and I learned the next day that this fellow stayed for a cup of coffee and the rest is history. They stayed as steady dates for quite sometime. That is usually the steps a man do. Complement a woman, bring her home, coffee talks, dates, and who knows what is next?

Would you like to learn or practice flirting techniques? Join Ultimate Flirting Championship.This is an exciting and fun game towards your Victory Hair.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Page rank conscious

Are you page rank conscious? I am! Ha,ha! I am laughing at myself but it is true, I check my blog and my friends’ blogs’ page rank almost everyday. I have this obsession and to let go of this, I think I should tell it to the world. Then again, I think that page rank should not be the measure to judge if it is a quality blog or not. Moreover, who says that it should be ranked or measured anyway? Most blogs are personal diaries and a form of therapy for the many. Writing is their way to release their tensions. An outlet. Having a good ranking is secondary, I guess. For those who are trying to monetize their blogs though, it is of importance in a way. Having a page rank would mean more assignments, I guess. I see successful probloggers though with PR 0. As of me? I got zero. Still, thank you to those who trust in me. Do not leave nor disappear!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dream vacation

I love to travel. I just wish that I could afford some Luxury Holidays that I am reading online and watching on TV. I experienced traveling through Asia and I think discovering other parts of the world would even be a wonderful voyage. I would like to search for Honeymoon Destinations where my loved ones and I could have a good time. Just by writing this, I can smell the fresh air at the beach, the heat of the sun and the comfort of that room where all I can do is relax, eat, and have fun! I am particularly thinking of going to an island, maybe at Maldives. I heard that it is really beautiful there. I hope I can find a package with many freebies and discounts. As I search through the web, I found It features resorts in the Fareast, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Africa and Europe. If you are interested and ready to have that Luxury Travel, better check this site. It will give you an idea where to go as the packages are well presented. They also have pictures of the resorts and the amenities it offer. Moreover, you could request for a brochure for a more comprehensive lookup. Oh, I will start saving right now so that I could pack that suitcase!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The sweetest part

The sweetest part of any fight is the making up! Well, I had a fight with my husband this morning and now we are in talking terms again. He is being extra sweet and more understanding. I hope it lasts!

Husbands and wives have fights from time to time but it is considered healthy as long as it does not become a regular thing. It should only be once in a while. When you notice that it is becoming more frequent, then you must reassess your relationship and maybe seek a marriage counselor if things do not get better.

Meet your match

I have not watched a Hollywood movie recently. The last movies I remembered enjoyed watching were. MI III. Wow, that was a long time ago, right? I liked the part when Tom Cruise gave the ring to his girlfriend. Anyways, I did not memorize any lines there. So, what lines do I remember? I think one of the most famous was that of Titanic’s,”You jump, I jump!” This is pretty true for many. Other lines though not in Hollywood or maybe used also were, I will give you the sun and I will give you the moon. There is also, you are my everything. Whew! There are lots of beautiful lines that even though we are not aware of using, we do in real life. If you would like to use your expertise in doing this, check out Extreme Style by VO5 site. There is a fun game there where you can interact with others and learn those tips and tricks. It will tell about how a Victory Hair can get you a partner or a companion. What is this game called? Ultimate Flirting Championship! Meet your match! They are waiting for you. I tried and I still have to meet two other people who will join in!

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Last Eight Minutes!

I cannot think about a title so I just put last eight minutes because in about eight minutes, oh, it is seven now, I will go back to my post. Yes, it is my one hour break. What do you do during yours? Eat, relax a little, maybe dine out...

I just did some entrecard drops. The Internet connection here in the office is quite slow though for me to visit more bloggers.

I wanted to take a nap but then again.. I do not know what is into me. I am quite sad because my son is sick and actually, we never had a decent sleep last night. He was brought to the doctor already and given medications. No antibiotics though because it is just a virus according to the pediatrician.

I wanted to go home already but not yet until 9pm...

Join in!

They say that the hair is the crown of glory. True, right? Many products and services had come up in the market today for improvement of your look by having a nice hair. Nevertheless, we should go back to the basic. That is the usual shampoo and conditioner that we use everyday. I am sure that most of you have tried or are using Extreme Style by VO5. I think I was able to watch one of its campaigns featuring the winner of a popular contest. Well, it is a good one and perfect for the Victory Hair promo.

Have you ever been noticed because of your beautiful hair? I remember during my prime years that men use the women’s hair as subject so that they can say something and eventually introduce themselves. As of me, I cannot forget that line said to me by a man about my hair. He said, “I can die right now if I have touched your long black hair!” That really made me laugh! Men, out there or even women, if you are good at this, then you might want to check out Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Long term goals

It is already July and I have not accomplished nor started yet with my long-term goals. I am not getting any younger. Actually, I have forgotten how old I am.Lol! Sometimes when I am being asked how old I am, I answered back with a question mark. I still feel like the same when I was 20 and now that I am already 35.I cannot say though that I do not have any direction, rather I am stuck in one place. I like to move and progress but I cannot or I think I am not.

It speaks the truth

I love to blog hop because by doing that I discover other bloggers and eventually make friends with some of them. You will be able to get so many information also because each blogger has a different theme. There are those who blog about family, health, sports, and the like. It really widens your horizon and knowledge. The blogosphere has become a pool of resources. There is a website that has a combination of many topics like family and relationships, faith and inspiration and about current events and politics worldwide. For easy reading, it has a blog section too! Who is the owner of this blog? Glenn Beck. You could watch his videos there that will make you think. I really like his views. It speaks the truth on what is going on and what could possibly happen next. By the way, Mr. Glenn Beck has a Summer Comedy Tour on July 17 so purchase tickets now and see for yourself what I am talking about.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two is to one

I really like this rule by some of the advertisers. This way, you do not lose your own content and maintain the quality of your blog, your way. I know that sometimes, writing personal posts become harder when you have many requirements. But it is always a blessing so why not? I, myself am running out of topics to write especially when I am not inspired or when my mind is blank.

Who is Glenn Beck?

I love going to comedy bars because the people there really makes me laugh. Lately, I cannot find time to drop by there. Life is really busy. Good thing I have my computer where I can still watch some of them. One time, I was searching about US presidential elections; I was able to stumble upon Glenn Beck. No, he is not a comedian by profession. He is overqualified to be one. It seemed that he is a natural though. If you go to his website and play some of his videos, you would certainly be entertained and more! You will also be informed and be given insights on what is really happening in the US today. Because of this, he is more of a political figure to me. Actually, I am thinking that he is a better speaker than the rest of the candidates. He also studies his lessons because there is truth in what he is saying. Example is about oil price hike which can be seen in his video, Energy Independence. Oil price increase is a worldwide problem that no president had ever addressed yet. Every American should watch Glenn Beck. Hey, you are lucky having this fellow. If I were you, I will catch him live this July 17th. Meantime, visit his website. Smile, relax, enjoy and be informed.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Rest day?

I washed tons of laundry, cooked, blogged around and until now, still blogging... My friend said, are you sure it is your rest day? Well, got to do all those things or else... the clothes will rot, we will not eat, and my statistics will drop, lol! Well, I have to let go of this keyboards, really now! I have to go to the kitchen and prepare for dinner...Cook again? Nah, I just have to reheat the immortal adobo!
See you later!

I want to be an IT expert

I wish I were an IT expert. Imagine, I had a problem setting up my own domain yet it is just a piece of cake if you ask an IT guy about it. The in thing really is to be techy. Even in the office, if you are a technological person, you are being looked up to. I can still remember one of my supervisors before. We call her our in house IT. You know why? Whenever there is something wrong with our computers be it software or hardware problem, we do not have to call our technical department to fix it. She can do it on her own. Too bad, she is not being paid for it. She already resigned from the company and went abroad for greener pasture. I wonder if she will get a Cisco certification so that she could practice or land a job in the IT world. She took a second course in the field of information technology and a certification from a reputable name in this industry could really increase her chances to make it there. She got the talent, the education and the Cisco certification so definitely she will go a long way. Maybe, I will give her a call so that she will find out about it if she has not enrolled or finished it yet. How about me? Well, I will study my options and if I have the time, I will definitely get one. Primarily, I have to study the basics first, right? Now, I am really regretting of not allowing my husband to take a computer course and excel in the advance world of information technology. It is not yet too late for both of us, is it?

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You can find a friend here!

I would like to blog about very supportive blogger friends. Imagine, someone very willing to help even if you just know each other through blogging! I am reall touched! I am talking about Milette of Well, I do not know how to set up my own domain and she offered a helping hand. I know that she is a busy Mom and an active blogger so giving me her time is real precious! Thanks again!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

No High Price Tag

As we grow older, there are certain conditions that we cannot avoid. My husband and I were talking a while ago about that and he said that if only our body could be upgraded like computers. I told him that there are ways to at least improve or prevent those things to happen or to at least deter ageing. Example is problem with our eyesight. We have to wear prescribed eyeglasses to correct certain abnormalities. We have to follow the ophthalmologist’s advice. Need not to worry about the designs of these eyewears because there are Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni! Choose a frame according to your taste. I might need one because as I am writing right now, I have to adjust the size of the letters so that I could clearly see what I am composing.

One thing that we worry about is the price before we buy any product, right? Sometimes it becomes the reason that we just settle for less or in cases that you have to buy something you really need, you just do not get it. That could worsen your condition. Like in taking care of your eyes, if you are told to wear those eyeglasses, you have to! At Zenni, the prices are affordable. Because of its quality yet not having a high price tag, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Go to your optometrist now and buy Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dropping by

Have you been dropping lately? How much time do you allot for it? It takes more than an hour for a hundreds drops but it depends on your connection. I am glad that I am through with dial up. My broadband service is not that fast compared to others though. That is why; I can only do a hundred drops at most. However, it really increases your blog traffic, doesn’t it? I hope I could drop more.

Good news for your eyes

Do you have eyesight problems but do not like to wear eyeglasses? You might want to check out am sure that you would change your mind and order one of those fashionable frames. It is affordable too so you can get as many! You can now wear those eyeglasses that you dread wearing before! Good news for you eye health and for your pocket. Grab one now for as low as $8.

Friday, July 4, 2008


How would you feel if it is already your turn and the system went offline! That happened to me today as I was about to request for the disconnection of our telephone line. Uh,oh...I wondered how long it would take. I still had to go to office. Good thing it was only for five minutes. The crowd was already pacified as there was one irate lady already "blabbing" that only one counter was working before it went off line. Whew!

Make both ends meet

My friend told me a few months ago about the opportunity in blogging. She said that her friend resigned from her job and go writing online full time and big time! She was in bed rest then because of her pregnancy. At first, I thought I will have no time for that because I am working in the office and what I would like to do getting home or during my rest days is actually rest. I also have to do some laundry and house cleaning. But then again, I realized, why not give it a try? The rest is history and I am blogging already for quite sometime now.

The market is not that generous though as I have made earning through blogging a second source. Not until I joined SocialSpark.There are many advertisers in this community and you can even make friends with them.If one opportunity is marked red which means your blog is not qualified, you can still send a request and who knows, you might just get that sponsorship that you want.

There are many Mommy bloggers in the blogosphere and I am encouraging all of you to join Social Spark. Besides the fact that there are many opportunities available that you can choose from, you will be able to meet so many other people. The more the merrier.

I am also a Mommy blogger. Now that my son is growing up, I am thinking of staying at home to follow him every step of the way. But, I need to work also because of our financial needs. Blogging together with Social Spark is a good option for me. Actually, even though if I am just a part time blogger so to speak, those given by Social Spark to me to write about have been a big help for us to make both ends meet.

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Time management

Time is running out!I wrote in the feedback form that I have not being able to manage my time lately. Well, I did not put there the adjustments that I am still on living in a new place. I know that it cannot be an excuse to my tardiness. Only the May performance was discussed but I already put there that I also have lates for June. I hope that I can make it this July and have an early bird, perhaps.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008