Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who is Glenn Beck?

I love going to comedy bars because the people there really makes me laugh. Lately, I cannot find time to drop by there. Life is really busy. Good thing I have my computer where I can still watch some of them. One time, I was searching about US presidential elections; I was able to stumble upon Glenn Beck. No, he is not a comedian by profession. He is overqualified to be one. It seemed that he is a natural though. If you go to his website and play some of his videos, you would certainly be entertained and more! You will also be informed and be given insights on what is really happening in the US today. Because of this, he is more of a political figure to me. Actually, I am thinking that he is a better speaker than the rest of the candidates. He also studies his lessons because there is truth in what he is saying. Example is about oil price hike which can be seen in his video, Energy Independence. Oil price increase is a worldwide problem that no president had ever addressed yet. Every American should watch Glenn Beck. Hey, you are lucky having this fellow. If I were you, I will catch him live this July 17th. Meantime, visit his website. Smile, relax, enjoy and be informed.

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