Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It means success

My husband worked abroad before. He said that he wanted to buy gold bars there but he changed his mind because the immigration might not allow it. He just brought some rare gold coins that really made everybody smile. Those coins were sort of his present to everyone!

Now, I realized that gold coins could be a good investment. I searched the net and found Monaco. For anyone who would like to invest in gold coins or any other form of precious metals, go to Monaco. This company is part of Monex. When you say Monex, it means the leader and it means success.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free bird tweeting

Yes, I am now a certified twitter addict. I just love tweeting. No pressure at all. I could say everything I want to say. No holds barred. It is like having someone to tell your simple thoughts. I feel that I am relaxed whenever I am using tweeter. Yes, I feel like a free bird tweeting. : )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chic and fab

My friend called me to tell me that her daughter has to wear prescription eyeglasses. She asked me where she could buy affordable eyeglasses. I told her about $ 8 Rx eyeglasses from Zenni. She was surprised to know that it could only cost that much. Very affordable indeed! I guess that is why you could see now Zenni Optical on TV!!! It is a good thing that a store like that be known to everyone especially that there are other expenses that would be covered by the savings that you would get from it!

High Five to Zenni Optical
! That would be what Moms could say and kids too! Why? Zenni eyeglasses are chic and fashionable, you would like to wear it all the time!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do not judge the boxer by his knock-out fights

>Hubby was watching boxing fights a hwile ago. Of course, he wanted Pinoys to win. During the introduction of Mark Melligan and Cepeda, hubs thought that Mark would lose because Cepeda had a 32KO record while Mark is just new with 16 KOs. Well, I am sure boxer watchers already knew that Mark won KO at the fourth round.

Who is on top?

Okay, I have decided! I will start looking for a good website hosting for this blog of mine. I am now planning to revive this blog of mine for good. Since this is just more of a personal blog, I think I would just look for a host that could give me what I need. Of course, the price should be right. I do some assignments but I really do not like to spend much for a web host. A $5 fee per month is sensible enough, I guess.

During my world wide web search, I found It has the Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts (2009)at its featured post. It is very convenient for my search. So, the first thing that I looked for was the monthly fee. Wow, I saw one with the Price: $4.44 only! It also offers unlimited space and traffic! I think that it is really affordable! However, this web host only landed seventh spot on the Top Ten list. The popular one, most personal blogs use landed the 5th spot.

Now, I am confused! Seriously, I really do not have any idea about web hosting. I read some reviews in the site and some said nice things about a particular web host and others said not so good things. Yes, it really pays to read reviews. Thanks to for providing that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Games for sale

My kid is really disappointed. He said that he was sad. Well, there is a game in the internet that he really likes. However, he has to pay for it. He was begging us to give him our credit cards so that he could purchase it. We did not oblige, of course.

Live like a princess

Sometimes, you really need to take a break from your busy life. Your rest days from work are not enough for that much needed R&R. Admit it, even if you were just inside your houses, there are times that you still feel restless. There are always lots of things that you see that make your minds busy and make you move and move and actually work again.

Hey, you need a family vacation! Am I telling myself this? Yes, I need to relax. I need to be free and just let the winds bring me to where I should be. I am thinking of a very great place here on earth. I would like to see blue waters, white sand, vast sky. However, I also like that hotel ambiance and the modern like service that I need. As I have said, it should be a vacation! I would like to live like a princess even for some days.

There is a place that I have in mind. Have you heard of the White-Sand Beaches of Riviera Maya? I think I should go there with the rest of my family members. You could find there the best resorts with the best service and the best food!

Monday, August 10, 2009

More hours in a day

The alarm clock is ringing. Uh,oh! I would like to hide under the flat sheets. More sleep, please! I am begging. Give me another hour! I would not be productive if I lack sleep. Then, why did you go to bed so late?

Sometimes, 24 hours is not enough for the things that you would like to do, right? I really wish that there are at least 48 h ours in a day. If that would happen, I would definitely give sleeping ten to twelve hours.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

My best is not enough

It is somewhat painful for me to realize that I am working hard but I am unnoticed. However, maybe my best is not enough in their eyes. Maybe it is just me who thinks that I am good or better than anybody else. But, that should be the attitude, right? You should have that self confidence for you to survive the jungle. Anyways, I decided that I would just have to do my best for me to keep my job. It is hard to find another job these days and the company I am working for is more than generous enough giving us a competitive compensation and benefits compared to other companies.