Sunday, August 29, 2010

The world on her shoulders

I got in touch with my sister. This sister of mine has 4 kids and a husband. Why I emphasized that? It meant that she has the world on her shoulders. I want to buy gold bars for her so that she will have something to lean on someday. Right now, whatever she earns is not enough. Oh, I should work harder to be able to help others. I know that whatever I will give or will loan to them will not return anymore. I do not expect that at all!

So, what business? Think, think, think. Oh, I already mentioned about gold bars right? That means that I have to contact my friends in States and ask them about the United States Gold Bureau. Maybe they can transact for me. I have yet to learn if they are accepting international clients.

More pleasing personality

I have a blogger friend who is very generous. I love her. Well, I can say that we are virtual friends. I just do not know if we will click when we become friends in the real world. Kidding aside, I just do not know if she will like me. I have this kind of aura or personality that other people misunderstood. Slowly, I am learning though. You know, to learn what people would like to see of me. Yes, you might say that I am being plastic sometimes. But really, it is more of having a more pleasing personality? It pays to be nice, I guess.

Sleep or write?

Last night, I was already sleepy but I have many tasks to finish or else, I will be losing a huge amount. I asked my husband to set the alarm clock at 2AM. I heard the alarm but then again, I was still sleepy. Good thing, I sort of this body alarm clock or subconscious reminder making me wake up just in time. Yes, it says only 3 hours left for me to finish my tasks or it will be taken away from me. Now, my problem is to think of good topics or just topics to mumble about. :)

Sure Ball

Sometimes, you feel that it will not end. Hey, you have overflowing cash and you just do not know how to spend it. I am telling you, in no time, it will be depleted and I hope the day that you will wake up empty handed will not come. So, be wise about your money. Invest it in a good venture. I know that going into a business might be risky. Thus, go for the sure ball. Yes, precious metals! Gold or silver bullion will be great since both metals are popular. Much more, you do not have to be alone in doing the business. Someone can guide you. Go to United States Gold Bureau and see what I mean.

Friday, August 27, 2010

When you cannot take it anymore

It is like eating the same kind of food everyday that you get tired or loose the appetite already. It is really hard to be in something that you do not like anymore. You want out! However, there are some things that are hindering you to do it. You consider what or how it will affect the people around you especially your lovedones. You do not like to be selfish, right? I really do not know now.

Improved Alexa Ratings

Yes, my alexa ratings has improved! Some people do visit my blog? Thank you very much! Now, I am thinking of a constant or a major topic to tackle in this blog. I have taken this for granted for so long. You know, just writing from time to time because it is needed. Bad me, huh! Before, I want to write here about being good in all aspects of life thus the title Mica's Temple. You know, the body is a temple.

Any suggestions, guys?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My beautiful friend

Good thing of having a friend is you have someone to talk to about everything. I am lucky to have one in the office. Good thing we are sort of team mates these days as I cross post at their team since they need more people to do their backlog. Yesterday, we were talking about life and our dreams. Yes, sometimes, we do not feel contented of what we have. The job we are in is for sustaining our daily needs. We actually hope that we will be offered an early retirement so that we can use the money that we will receive for the things that we love to do. Enrolling in a Cosmetology School in Austin is what she likes. She is a beautiful person and loves going to spa to pamper herself so she is thinking that knowing the basics in beautification will be like hitting two birds in one stone. You know, she can use it for her own needs and she can put up a business and earn from it! Clever, dear friend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I miss my sisters

I promised myself before that I will be consistent in communicating with my sisters. I do not! Well, I could not even send a simple text message of hi and hello. Bad me. Maybe I need an alarm or something to tell me that it is time to say hi! How weird and silly, huh! Anyways, it is high time to start communicating and keeping in touch. After all, the only persons you can turn to are your lovedones... your family!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playing the guitar

My son is showing interest in playing the guitar. Well, he used to sing then he began to love dancing. It is in school. These days, he has been playing the guitar. He enjoys the music and the challenge. It is just that, hard rock seems not suitable for a six year old... Oh, have I mentioned that it is Guitar Hero?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Since the early days

My friend called and she was very excited. She was telling me about United States Gold Bureau. Oh, how my friend changed for the better. She is now more focused and not that spendthrift anymore. She has the money thus she has the opportunity to make an investment. That is when she learned about the gold business. Well, being a gold lover that she is, I am sure she will succeed in it. Well, you know, you have to do things that you love and surely, you will go a long way. There will be no excuse of not being able to succeed in it because how can you fail in something that you love to do? Besides, who did not profit from gold? Since the early days, gold has been that source of wealth of the many.


My toothache is almost gone. Now, I am practicing to chew hard food again like coated nuts and chips. That caused some mouth sore this time. Oh, when will this oral cavity of mine will finally be fine? I bought a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and I hope that it will do some wonders.

Big Feat

When I decided to create this blog, what I had in mind is making a better person out of me, thus the title, Mica's temple. I have been blogging for a few years now and still, I have n ot seen any change in me. I might be more understanding and more tolerable, that is a good thing... however, what I also want is that change in my physical appearance. Yes, it is a big feat. I really do not know if I will succeed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More established

What do you want to be when you grow up? How do you see yourself ten years from now? Do you sometimes think that you should always ask yourself those questions for motivation? I rode with my boss today and she asked me if I will still be in the company six years from now. I told her, I do not like. However, if I do not have any choice, I might be.

So, what do I want to happen to me in six years? I want to be more established. I see myself that time as having a business of my own. I can afford to buy anything like a gold bullion. I always have gold in mind as my future business. Having read good things in United States Gold Bureau inspire me more to pursue that.

Labor pains and toothache

What is the thing that you do not like to have? When I got pregnant and the time to give birth came, I realized that labor pains are the most painful of all. Now, I am having a toothache and it is like having labor pains. You could imagine the intensity of pain I am having right now even though I am in pain killer and antibiotic. I actually could not separate now numbness and pain that I feel upto the inside of my right ear. I am afraid that I might get deaf? I do not know. One thing sure, I must tell the dentist to extract that tooth today.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Someone caught me

My friend is right. I am going to blog about her again. Well, she said that I must be blogging about our fights. Anyways, this maybe the first time that I will really write about it. I just thought that she was so righteous in the office today. She is a Christian and she is trying to project that she does act like one and think like one. She always corrects me. Come to think of it, I appreciate that because that keeps me guarded. So, I am not pissed at her after all. Maybe, I know that I was really wrong and hurt that someone caught me? Anyways, all's well that ends well. We tried to be civil and still talked.