Sunday, June 10, 2012

For Doctors Only

I wonder if you can find doctors like Gerald Windler, MD in any of the social media sites. Come to think of it, when everybody has taken advantage of social media, the others can't just do it yet. For medicine per se, there are some caluses that should be followed. Rules of medicines: confidentiality and truthfullness. After all, we are talking of human lives and not just sharing of food, clothes and places, right?

We cannot exempt the fact though that in terms of communication, social networks are doing great. That is the reason why many can get some ideas from it. There is now Doximity which can be used by real doctors. I say real because only certified doctors can log there and actually use it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Something worthwhile for my readers

Before I go, let me thank the Lord for giving me something to look forward to. Yes, I got some blessings. Though the actuality of it will just come as a surprise, God knows the perfect timing for it.

I think I really need to hone more and use this talent given to me by God. I can say that I have this gift of writing. I just need to practice more and eventually be able to really give something real worthwhile to my readers.

No heavy drugs for me

Finally, I feel better. The paracetamol that I took is really good. Well, I hope that the headache will not come back after four hours an I need to pop that tablet again. Yes, just an over the counter tablet for me even if I alreay have migraine attacks. No to Topamax or other heavier drugs for me. Oh, I do not want to undergo a Topamax lawsuit an the like. That would cause me more migraine! Yes, some rugs can give serious side effects just like topamax that causes cleft lip.

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Depleted blog bank

No more repetition. I think I should practice doing things right the first time. Anyways, it is hard when you are under time pressure. Just like right now, I need to finish some assignments an I have to attend to family matters at the same time. I am running out of ideas! Blog bank is depleted.

Job comes first

Hubby said that it is alreay 11 AM and I am not finished yet with what I am oing. Well, I am sorry but job is more important, I guess than going to the mall and wasting time an money. Hahahahaha! Well, I know that I tol him that we will go out today. But what can I do? First things first, I guess.

Find a doctor

We always want to have the best doctor, right? Since health is important, we will not settle for second best. After all, we work to live and if we get sick, we will not have work, thus we need to live an be healthy to be able to wrok and live. Does it make sense?

Anyways, it is a good thing that we know that there are good hospitals with good doctors. Actually, doctors hop from one hospital to another thus it is best that they have constant communication with each other especially in cases that more than one doctor is needed for a particular ailment. It is a must that they coordinate with the correct doctor depening on the need, right?

The practice before or even until now is asking around and referring one doctor to the other. It is a matter of trust. I believe that it should be more than that. Profiles should be considered.Doximity is the answer!

Try looking for Alan Koenigsberg MD an doctors with the same expertise at Doximity!

Science is my son's favorite subject

My son, I know that one day, he will give me a lecture about the things that he will use for his invention. Yes, he wants to be a scientist! Well, that is one of his aspirations at least! Anyways, I know that he will get bored when he took Chemistry and Physics, just like I did, hahahaha!

I make it a point to always converse with my son every time we have time. I ask him how school is. His favorite subject, guess what? Science! To think that he is better in Math, he is really amazed by everything that he learns in his Science subject. Maybe, because he can actually see most of the things that they study about like plants, animals, sun, moon and others. Oh, I cannot wait when he studies about the elements or the periodic table. Well, you know, how about Halogen that is actually not that visible enough. Well, I can just tell him that a Halogen Free Solder Paste is used for making the computer that he loves to use? Oh, I now, just have him google it! :)

I think he should see some Prototype SMT Stencils to further capture his interest.


My husband asked me just now if I want to go jogging with him. Oh, with my coughing condition? I would rather sleep, huh! My husband is taking it easy on his diet because he looks ugly when he is thin. Thus, to combat a lifestyle disease, he chose to exercise. He did not exercise before. Now, that is one of his regular activities.

Cough, please leave me

Everybody is coughing at home and that includes me. I am finished taking up antibiotics but still the bugging cough is here. It is really disturbing and giving me headaches I think that my neck muscles and even the muscles inside my throat have expanded. Drink more water? Sleep more hours maybe? I just hope that this cough will leave me soon!

Beauty for men and women

Happy New Year to all! One great way to start 2012 is to make new plans. Maybe for others, to pursue a long time dream. My friend Kay would like to have her own beauty business and her first step is going to a Cosmetology school. It is really a good decision especially if she will go to a cosmetology school of Regency Beauty Institute. Well, practice makes perfect. Going to a Regency Beauty Institute would be able to give everything that a beginner needs. They have a complete package that would hone a Beautician in you.

Beauty is a good business. Everybody goes to the salon once in a while and others do visit the establishment regularly. You know women, haircut, pedicure, manicure and the like. There are also the once in every three months hair re-bonding and hair coloring! Wait! There are also men who are into beauty. I know someone who has nice feet because of regular foot spa. It seems that he goes for foot spa every week!

Good grooming is really a must. Thus, Beauty is really good business. If you want to be successful, study it well and gain many customers. Having a certificate or a diploma is always an advantage.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Think of the paycheck!

The problem with my nature of work, we are being haunted until we get home. It is not like touch and go. Well, maybe that is the price you have to pay for a high paying job at customer service. Complaints, complaints, complaints. It is really hard but you know, you will get used to it. Just relax and think that you just have to listen and do not have to take it seriously. It is all part of the job. Think of the paycheck that comes with it!

Second chances

Finally, I was able to write some interim. I know that I should keep updating this blog for the benefit of my readers, if there are still any as of the moment. Sometimes, you really sort of loose that writer's muse, huh! Thank you to my advertisers for keeping up with me and still giving me second chances to correct my mistakes. Life is good.

More dangerous condition

How important is our bladder? Well, it is very important just like any organ in our body. Thus, we better take care of our body, every part of it, for that matter.

As usual, I am on a diet scheme again. Well, I gained so much and I regret it again. It is not really about looking good maybe but more on the health issue. If you are fat or if you take too much sugar because of too much carbohydrates, you are a candidate for diabetes. There are medications, as always but then again, prevention is always better than cure. Also, imagine the cost of fighting lifestyle diseases like diabetes. More so, other medications to fight this disease might do more harm than good. Where am I coming from? I am coming from actos bladder cancer Yes, there is such thing and to think that you wanted to fight diabetes but in turn acquire a more dangerous condition, so to speak.To alleviate the situation, contact good actos cancer attorneys who are experts in that.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dieting makes her sick

This friend of mine is dieting. She has been struggling with it for a very long time. This time, she is quite serious. However, she is sick right now. Maybe because of too much dieting? I do not know but they say that your resistance to germs might be compromised especially if your diet is not really a healthy one.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slight dengue?

She received a text message that her brother has slight dengue. Is there such things as slight dengue? There has been numerous dengue cases in the Philippines and lives have been taken. She got worried and called her brother. They were able to talk and found out that her brother can still go to school as he did not want to miss any classes. What a studious boy. Her heart was sort of broken. If only she could give much and really take care of him but their mother will not allow it. Long story that you might not understand... Anyways, get well soon, brother.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical Situation

I was able to witness when my friend had her muscle cramps before. She could not walk! I was afraid for her before asking myself how serious could it be! Then, I found out that it was not that serious at all, I mean her condition was treatable and all that. What caused her pain before was a medication given to her by her doctor to lower her cholesterol level. Imagine that! She should have filed a Crestor lawsuit if she was aware of how dreaded the side effects of Crestor could be! The drug can cause some heart and nerve ailments that can even end a person's life once undetected. Good for my friend that she understands medical situations. She immediately consulted her physician. True enough, it was Crestor thus she was asked to stop taking it.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wine drinker

They say that it is bad to drink wine. Others say that it is actually good to drink wine. Which is which? What is the truth? Well, as they say also, moderation is the key. Yeah, all has its own benefits, including wine. You just have to take it in moderation.

Me, I am not really a wine drinker as it gives me allergy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Still awake

It is past 1AM. Yes, I am still awake. Lots of things are running inside my mind. All kinds. Family, friends, work, money, future. Why? Hey, it is already 2012! It has been more than a decade since I have been into adult life and I feel like I have not accomplished anything. Not getting negative here...oh, as much as possible, I am avoiding that word. I want to be positive! Well, knowing what to improve is a part of being positive, I guess.

Anyways, I guess I must let it pass... I need some sleep now.