Friday, October 17, 2008

A church theater experience

Do you have this feeling that you would like to Find out more about God? You feel lost and weary and you do not know where to turn to? Sometimes, praying alone seemed not enough to regain your strength? Oh, you hunger and would like to Find out more!

The old format or the normal format of masses in the church is now revolutionalized. During special occasions, there are videos and slides presentations to celebrate a Holiday maybe or a birthday of a Saint. It goes the same for any Christian group. That makes the learning more enjoyable and effective to convey the message of God’s words. How much more if it would be held in a theater where there is a better sound system. Sitting in a theater is also more quiet and comfortable. The lights can also be controlled for the complete effect. I was able to attend one during Lenten. It was a different feeling. Emotions were overflowing because the presentation there was amazing. It really went through and touched everyone who was present. If I would be given another chance or be invited to such fellowship, I would not miss it for a thing.

By the way, you have the chance to experience the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD. It will be held on October 22-23. Why don’t you try for yourself? I am sure that it would be overwhelming.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jerry is still here

Do you know Jerry? Yeah, the rat! Since, it is year of the rat, I would like to write about him.Tom and Jerry is actually one of the favorite shows of my son.As a matter of fact, he has a DVD of Tom and Jerry episodes.There are times that he watches it a trillion times a day!Really now! Well, I sort of thank T&J because I can do lots of other things when my kid is busy with it.

By the way, the reason why I am writing this also is because, I saw the small Jerry running around the sala just now!Yikesss? I do not want to give any excuses why he is here, huh! Actually, one time he was saying hi to me here at my computer table.I asked my husband since, it is year of the rat, is it bad to kill them? He said, no! So, he tried to let small Jerry rest in peace by offering some food.But, I think, it was not successful! Jerry is still here!


Buy a condo!

I would love to live in a condominium. It is secured. There are services within reach like laundry, shopping and others. It is like living in a resort like place everyday of your life. I have many friends who invested in condominiums. Well, some are actually enjoying the condo life already. There are some though who just bought it for future use or to maybe to resell it someday. We all know that real estate always go up. Investing in a land property means profit and good value. You would never worry of the return of investment.


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Is my I.Q. okay?

What is the average IQ of an individual? They say that IQ is based on age that is why in all IQ tests, the birthday is being asked I got curious thus I took the exam. Oh well, I got 122. Is that below average? I know a kid who has 198 for IQ. I could remember that I reached 200+ when I was younger.

Favorite Bible Story

One of the famous stories in the Bible is about the Prodigal Son. There have been many versions of this and all of them are good. It has a moral lesson about the love of a Father to his child. It depicts God’s love for us. Even if when we sin repeatedly, the most forgiving God would forgive us.

As a mother, I then thought, what if my son would do that to me? Would I be able to forgive him? All I know now is I love my son very much and I am doing everything for him. He has some small sins already like watching television for long hours and being hard headed about it. Still, I let it pass and try to talk to him. I hope though that I will be able to raise him to be a better person just like the Father in the Prodigal Son story did.

Have you read as many Bible Stories? Find out more by joining the first-ever Theater Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. It always pays to watch and learn together with a group of people. You get to share ideas and experiences. I had the experience of attending a Church conference inside a theater and it is beyond compare. Much more if it is being brought by the Cinemeetings and Events of Cinemedia.

As of me, I am always hungry to Find out more.


It is reddish brown or brownish red?

Hey, I have changed the look of my blog again! Do you like it? I took the inspiration from a very good blogger. Well, you cannot guess because there are lots of bloggers who change their themes from time to time. At first, I was just trying to change my header. It happened that the color of the picture I chose does not blend with pink. So, here it is…it came out as a whole new look.

Keeping the faith

I have a favorite song and the chorus goes like this:

Come to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads.
For the yoke I will give you is easy and my burden is light.
Come to me and I will give you rest.

Honestly, I did not know that these lyrics of my favorite song came from Matthew 11:28.
"Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

I know that it came fro the Bible but I did not know that it came from the Book of St. Matthew. That would be one of my favorite verses then. Oh, if I had known before then I could have recited a very long verse and got a good grade in my Sunday School class. Lol! Our Sunday School teacher was always encouraging us to Find out more verses to memorize.

Find out more and learn about God’s words. Who knows, you could compose your own song out of it, right? Be inspired by the first-ever Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. When I had the luxury of time before, I used to attend conferences like this. This would be a very good experience. Moreover, since it will be held in a theater, you would certainly enjoy the presentation. In addition, it is going to be hosted by Cinemedia. Take advantage of this and get to know the good Lord better. Keep the faith,Find out more !


Friday, October 10, 2008

Banana, the new wonder fruit?

I read in one blog that there is a banana diet fad right now especially in Japan. Wow, that is the diet that I would be able to do, I guess! You know, I love bananas! All of us here do! I bought a kilo today and it is now down to two pieces! Imagine that! I am glad that almost the whole world now is aware of the wonders of banana. That would mean good export business for our country!

Shop Online Safely

Do you do online shopping? I tried once or twice but I know someone who loves online shopping. There are times that I pay for the items she buys though so it seems like I am the one doing the online shopping also. Anyways, if you have the internet connection, I would really recommend online shopping. I used my credit card during my online shopping experience. There are many payment options though like paypal and other forms of money transfers. It is convenient and safe if I may say. It is fast too. Most online sellers would not give you false hopes and they are true to their promise. You could actually talk to the person selling you the items or through their customer service. Sometimes, you could also haggle for the price and ask for some freebies. My friend gets many of those free items from her sellers. Well, she deserves it because she is a loyal buyer.

Christmas season is near and it is best to do your shopping already to avoid the rush. Why not do it online and experience it yourself? One thing I like also about online shopping is I would buy the things I really need and I could still think a trillion times before finally adding it to my cart. They do not have closing time also unlike department stores. Most of all, you will be spare from so many things like traffic, extra expense for gasoline, energy and of course, your precious time.


If you have fears with regard to shopping online, then you should have buySAFE! It is a free tool that would guide you to shop online safely.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy at work

It has been a long time since I have not written here. I am quite busy with so many things that is why. Today, I had my revalida in the office and I think I did not do good. That is due to lack of preparation maybe. I also think that is not that important to me since I am not for promotion anyways. I just hope though that I will get a manageable score.

Church service in a theater

I have a friend who loves to go to church. She goes there everyday. There are certain novenas that she religiously does. As of me, sometimes I could not go to church because of my work schedule. However, I found out that I do not have to go to Church to hear or attend the service. Masses and fellowships are not being held solely in churches anymore. When we were still living near the malls, we go there for our Sunday mass. At first, we used to attend the one being held in that spacious area of the establishment. One time, we were not able to wake up early to attend that particular service. We still went to the mall and found out that there was an evening mass and the venue was a theater! Yes, a movie theater. What was my experience? Well, it was comfortable because it was not crowded. I also did not have to use the fan that I always bring to mass in case that it gets hot. The air-conditioning inside a theater is always just right. Most of all, the sound system was great or should I say, perfect? There was a surround. There were even slides and videos during the sermon. I prefer now going to a theater for church than going to a traditional one. You too can try the experience. Find out more about it on October 22&23 at the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD.