Friday, October 17, 2008

A church theater experience

Do you have this feeling that you would like to Find out more about God? You feel lost and weary and you do not know where to turn to? Sometimes, praying alone seemed not enough to regain your strength? Oh, you hunger and would like to Find out more!

The old format or the normal format of masses in the church is now revolutionalized. During special occasions, there are videos and slides presentations to celebrate a Holiday maybe or a birthday of a Saint. It goes the same for any Christian group. That makes the learning more enjoyable and effective to convey the message of God’s words. How much more if it would be held in a theater where there is a better sound system. Sitting in a theater is also more quiet and comfortable. The lights can also be controlled for the complete effect. I was able to attend one during Lenten. It was a different feeling. Emotions were overflowing because the presentation there was amazing. It really went through and touched everyone who was present. If I would be given another chance or be invited to such fellowship, I would not miss it for a thing.

By the way, you have the chance to experience the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD. It will be held on October 22-23. Why don’t you try for yourself? I am sure that it would be overwhelming.


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