Thursday, October 9, 2008

Church service in a theater

I have a friend who loves to go to church. She goes there everyday. There are certain novenas that she religiously does. As of me, sometimes I could not go to church because of my work schedule. However, I found out that I do not have to go to Church to hear or attend the service. Masses and fellowships are not being held solely in churches anymore. When we were still living near the malls, we go there for our Sunday mass. At first, we used to attend the one being held in that spacious area of the establishment. One time, we were not able to wake up early to attend that particular service. We still went to the mall and found out that there was an evening mass and the venue was a theater! Yes, a movie theater. What was my experience? Well, it was comfortable because it was not crowded. I also did not have to use the fan that I always bring to mass in case that it gets hot. The air-conditioning inside a theater is always just right. Most of all, the sound system was great or should I say, perfect? There was a surround. There were even slides and videos during the sermon. I prefer now going to a theater for church than going to a traditional one. You too can try the experience. Find out more about it on October 22&23 at the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD.


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