Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Child's Innocence

My niece is now limited to 1,000 ml fluid intake. That includes water, juice, milk, fruit extracts and the like. The pediatrician said that the kidney has to heal and it cannot be overworked. That is quite alarming. She is also not allowed to play for one week. This is a precautionary measure so that her blood pressure will not shoot up. She candidly asked her doctor if she is also excused from washing the dishes. Her doctor said so in affirmative. Kids can be so naive about life’s reality. She does not have the slightest idea that she might have a life threatening condition.

She is now out of the hospital after four days. I pray that she will continue to improve and be completely well again.

Good food!

My friend’s uncle owns a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes we order there our lunch especially during weekends when our canteen is not available. I love their seafood recipes! Besides, seafood is good for the health. Compared to meat and chicken, seafood has less fat. The oil that you will get from some of it can even be healthy. Since my shift is 1200-2100H today, it is past lunch, thus I was not able to place my order. The ones who are on earlier shifts were already eating when arrived. Wow, fish tofu! This dish is one of my favorites. I am becoming hungry again. To think that I just had my meal at 11AM! Ha, ha, ha! I am a hearty eater that is why, I should choose carefully what to put inside my stomach or else, I will be really big! Anyways, if I cannot eat the seafood that I want today, I will just ask my husband to prepare for me. Yes, he is the one who does the cook off! Maybe, I will buy some shrimps and crabs tomorrow for a Family Day treat! I have seen a good recipe at is actually the winner of the competition. It is a complete meal already because it has bacon, okra, shrimp, spices and other vegetables. Most of all, this dish made by Chef John Currence of Mississippi has rice! I cannot live without eating rice!It is called Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice.

There are other recipes to find on this site. Good news, you could vote for the recipe that you think is the best. Yes, there are prizes available like that trip package to New Orleans.

You will find good food and you have a chance to win, so what are you waiting for? Check it out, now!

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Meek and Mild?

We are three girls in the family. Some people say that we are to each her own beauty. My youngest sister has fair skin and tall at 5’7”. She was actually a beauty queen in our town. Our eldest is the shortest at 5’2” but she has a different charm because of her friendliness. She always wears that big smile. Me? I am the meek and mild type. They say that I am blessed with an angelic face. People say that they melt with my gaze. Oh, well, my husband is the one who always tells that to me. He said that I have that flirtatious smile as if working to magnetize everyone. The way I move my long hair also had a meaning for him. I always would like to achieve a Victory Hair. Women can always use their hair whether if we wear it up or down to get a guy, don’t we? Hey, why don’t you check out the contest by Extreme Style by VO5 to know more about this Victory Hair thing. You will also learn more tricks to keep your man or woman! Go and emerge as the winner of the Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Going back to me, I am also a very caring person and even without words, my friends and loved ones could feel it. I am a woman of few words that is why. I also want to keep my mystery at times. I might sympathize with you by hugging you or giving you a pat on your back. I am also a shoulder to cry on. Do I have that look in the picture? I think I am saying like, I am the boss here in that arms on my waist pose!

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Thank you, Mom and Dad

Our son said thank you to me and his Daddy for attending his first curricular activity in school. It is Language Week (Linggo ng Wika) and the program was held this morning. Our son is really growing up. I hope that we could really hone him to become a good person and a member of the community. They say that it always depends on how the parents bring up their kids. A solid foundation is necessary. Before, I thought it will be easy. I tell you. What you read in the books is very different when you are there already.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are You Like Your Mom?

This blog thing caught my interest. There are some traits that we did inherit from our parents beside the physical features. I would like to find out how I am similar to my mother. Believe me, I dread not to be... Lol!

You Are Somewhat Like Your Mom

Believe it or not, you and your mom are pretty darn similar.

It may not seem like it at times, but you and your mom have a lot of common ground.

Over time, you'll probably get closer ... especially if you emphasize the things you like about each other.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Believing in yourself

Do you sometimes tell yourself, you did well! Yes, who will love you first but you! That is why there is the song, The Greatest Love of All, right? I just thought of it out of the blue. Well, I think I have written something nice, he,he,he. Look at the post below!

Anyways, my friend inculcated into my mind that I should be proud of the things I do. In that way, others will follow. I should not be shy of my accomplishments but instead let others know about it when asked, ha! I might annoy them if I just mumble about things without being asked. Before, this friend of ours is misunderstood for that seeing her as aggressive and yes, PROUD or not humble at all. Then again, that is her way to boost her self-confidence so who could judge her for it, right?

Me, I needed some more inspiration to keep me going. There are times that I really feel down and feel that nothing is going right.

Laugh but it is true!

Hey guys! Do you want to understand more yourself? Then you should read this article: Are You Normal or Nuts? by Reader’s Digest. It is good to laugh at ourselves sometimes then we will realize that we have read is actually true for us and for others. The article tells about insecurities, phobias, paranoia and things that are just normal. You will not get bored because the stories there are funny and actually entertaining but in the end, you will learn something from it. The advices given in every situation is very good too. It is like having a psychologist in front of you! Wow, we all get a free session at that!

One of my favorites is about shopping, of course! The article actually reminded me of my previous boss. During my interview, I remembered the polo shirt that he was wearing in terms of color and brand. As I saw him everyday in the office, I noticed that he seemed wearing the same polo shirt in two to three consecutive days. I asked his bodyguard if he was like that not changing clothes everyday or just had a favorite. He laughed at me and informed me that our boss has a collection of that particular shirt in all shades! Being the personal assistant that time, I was able to ho with him shopping and I saw myself that he will not buy clothes in one color. He buys it in a minimum of five! Imagine that! I would like to ask him then, “Sir, Are You Normal or Nuts?”. Oh, I could have been fired if I did that, right?LOL!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Square One

It is really hard when you do not have savings. Just like now, we run out of gas for our gas range. Good thing we have an electric stove. We are really short of cash right now. We just came from a big spent. Hay, credit card bills are also here and demand letters at that. I am so pressured with all those things. I know though that I will be able to surpass all of these. Well, when things are settled, we could go back to square one and start saving again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Heads or Tails


Happy Anniversary to Heads or Tails!
I have not been that active but I will never forget to greet you on your anniversary.
So, what has a head and a tail?
How about a puppy?
If only I can really give a gift to you for this very special day, I would give you the one in the picture below. Hope you like it, Barb!
Take care and more years ahead!

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Time to Sleep?

My husband told me that it is already 12 am,meaning i have to sleep,err...He needs to sleep.Our son is sleeping at the sofa and has to be transferred to the bedroom.Hubby advised that if i do not want to sleep yet,i have to sleep at the sofa.I am afraid.His mother just passed away and my friend was just asking me a while ago f she did not visit us.Whew!Eerie.So,now i am here at the bed,trying to be awake.I had lots of things to do with my blog!I have a new template for it already,plus,i would like to wait for some green bucks to pop up.Sighs.I have to entertain myself with the TV show,r u smarter than a fifth grader.I am already sleepy though.Okay,i will change now.I am still on my working clothes.I guess,i have to call it a day.I hope i will wake up early and finally do what i have to do.

Laarni, Vindicated?

Laarni,vindicated?Laarni losala is the PDA star scholar for the week.The judges were impressed on her counterpointing skills.She worked hard for it to the extent that the other scholars got annoyed by her practicing.It caused a rift between her and Miguel.The rest of the group does not really like Laarni.She is always misunderstood and everyone sort of gangs up on her.Err...The insecure ones maybe?Actually,those who are vocal about their dislike for her are part of the bottom four.Who needs to practice now huh?Their bad manners bounced back towards them.I would say that Laarni is like a tree with ripe fruits that is why they are all trying hard to shake her so that they can eat that juicy flesh.All they got was dust...

I watched the nomination a while ago and Cris was saved by the scholars unanimously. Miguel said that he feels that he is in the top three! Inyaki seemed lost his breath. He cried.

The mentors consoled them.

Oh, well... everybody has to go except the winner.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was surprised to see the neon green color at the screen! I rushed and closed all the other windows to make sure that the connection will be faster. I do not usually get those green bucks because of my slow internet speed. Luckily, I was able to write this one. See below. Yes, that is the assignment! I pray that it will be approved real soon.

Superb audio/video software

I never have seen such superb DVD software, only from Blaze Media Pro! Imagine that you can convert a video from any file like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, AVI and ASF. Much more, you can adapt and insert music from CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and others. You can even add some pictures to make your video more beautiful. If you do not like other images, you can delete it too.

I have been away for so long

I never thought that I have been away for so long seeing my own widget at my sidebar. Yes, I have been quite busy with a lot of things. Each night as I try to sit in front of my desktop, I am trying to be back but as some bloggers do, I lose my muse also. I hope it will come back soon though. Anyway, for starter, I took a peek at my entrecard profile and I am thankful that there are still some advert requests. Thank you for not losing interest and for my loyal visitors. I hope I can give you something to read real soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Best deals

In a few months time, Christmas is here again and when is the best time to shop for gifts but today? Why go with the rush? The early bird catches the worm as they say. If you do your shopping today or earlier you will have more time to choose and can even find the best-priced items.

My Christmas list is mainly composed of boys and men. From my husband’s family alone, there are 5 men and around 7 boys. When you talk about the male gender, electronics products come into my mind, right? For the boys, I am thinking of buying them a PlayStation 3. It is a practical choice because they love to play their PS2 and they can still use the games there.

Now, the next step is where to shop? I would go to an online store of course! It has always been more convenient to shop at the comfort of my own home with just a few clicks. Have you heard of It is the best online store where many stores are actually located. Meaning, like a very big department store. Therefore, why don’t you check it now and see for yourself.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you a high priced blogger?

Are you a high priced blogger? Meaning, do you do paid posts for a set amount? Do you bend your standards?
I always pray for me to be given more tasks to write. Blogging for money has been very helpful to us. These past few days, there was a lesser influx of assignments. I prayed hard last night and asked for it. There is an available one for $2. I had second thoughts of accepting it. But then again, do I have the right? I should be thankful that my prayer is answered. I did accept it.

Just a few minutes ago, I was able to get five more at 5$ each. A mystery, is it not? I think I was just tested if I will be humble enough and be thankful for what He provides. After all, He is the wealthiest God and He provides us with all our needs all the time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

From old to new

This is my old avatar/widget image for Entrecard. I am not really good at editing pictures and resizing or even putting words into it.

Now, here is my new widget image. It is far better, is it not? Guess who made it? Yes, Sandee of Comedy Plus! She is so thoughtful!
Thank you, Dear Sandee!