Monday, August 18, 2008

Time to Sleep?

My husband told me that it is already 12 am,meaning i have to sleep,err...He needs to sleep.Our son is sleeping at the sofa and has to be transferred to the bedroom.Hubby advised that if i do not want to sleep yet,i have to sleep at the sofa.I am afraid.His mother just passed away and my friend was just asking me a while ago f she did not visit us.Whew!Eerie.So,now i am here at the bed,trying to be awake.I had lots of things to do with my blog!I have a new template for it already,plus,i would like to wait for some green bucks to pop up.Sighs.I have to entertain myself with the TV show,r u smarter than a fifth grader.I am already sleepy though.Okay,i will change now.I am still on my working clothes.I guess,i have to call it a day.I hope i will wake up early and finally do what i have to do.

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