Monday, August 18, 2008

Laarni, Vindicated?

Laarni,vindicated?Laarni losala is the PDA star scholar for the week.The judges were impressed on her counterpointing skills.She worked hard for it to the extent that the other scholars got annoyed by her practicing.It caused a rift between her and Miguel.The rest of the group does not really like Laarni.She is always misunderstood and everyone sort of gangs up on her.Err...The insecure ones maybe?Actually,those who are vocal about their dislike for her are part of the bottom four.Who needs to practice now huh?Their bad manners bounced back towards them.I would say that Laarni is like a tree with ripe fruits that is why they are all trying hard to shake her so that they can eat that juicy flesh.All they got was dust...

I watched the nomination a while ago and Cris was saved by the scholars unanimously. Miguel said that he feels that he is in the top three! Inyaki seemed lost his breath. He cried.

The mentors consoled them.

Oh, well... everybody has to go except the winner.

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