Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In my pajamas

Uh,oh! I am still here at the PC yet I have to go to work already! Prioritize, prioritize,prioritize. Okay, I would get up after this post. Yes, I am here typing and sitting on the bed. Even though I know that it would give me some backache, I keep on doing it. well, I need some privacy doing my work. Working at the living room means exposing myself to visitors. It means I have to dress up and wear my bra. So better be here in my pajamas.

Feel like being there

I attended many Christmas parties and there were so many pictures here and there. The ones that I loved most were those taken during our family reunion. Almost everybody was present except those who live abroad and those who did not make it to take a leave from work. Huh, considering that it was a Sunday, some people still had to go to work.

Anyways, I already saved those photos at my PC. Now, I just have to send them via e-mail or upload in a social network. I was just thinking, what if those that I would send to are still busy then they would not be able to savor the moment and at least keep up with that memory as if they also had been there. If only they have a Digital Photo Frame where they would see pictures flashing! Yes, it is possible through Ceiva! You just have to sign up for a family plan. At Ceiva, anyone who has a digital photo frame subscription could send photos to one another. Just download it and Ceiva would do the rest for you. See pictures flash out in an instant.

Hey, this could be one of the most useful and precious items to give away this Christmas. It would never be too late and anyone who would receive this kind of gift would surely appreciate it!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Run with thime

I was late eight times for this month! What is happening to me? I was never this tardy. My husband seemed to think that I am loosing interest in my job or maybe does not like to strive harder. I do not know. I need inspiration I always say that. Well, I hope to be healthy again in all aspects this coming year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding plan

If you are to plan a wedding, what are the things that you consider? It will depend if it would be just on a civil ceremony or in a church, I guess. One of our officemates is to wed this January 2009. Her close friend who happened to be a buddy of mine is tasked to find a good make up artist. Well, the future bride has this celebrity complex. She wanted to look like one. In preparation for the big event, she even took some pills so that she would have a fairer complexion. She is now going nuts as the date of the realization of her dream becomes nearer.

She only invited a few guests. However, she makes sure that the godparents would at least could afford to give a gold bullion. Well, all couples need something for a fresh start!

Still hoping

Haaaayyyyy.... there are only few opportunities these days. I am quite sad about it. I want more so that I could earn more. It is Christmas time and extra expenses are left and right. I know that I should know how to control but really, it is hard to say no when everyone agrees, right?

I am still hoping to get more assignments though. I know, God will provide.

8 pieces of apple

We went out around 1230PM. I had to advise the teacher of my son that he would be absent again. I stayed for a few chat regarding my son's progress and their class Christmas party. I learned that there would be a pot lock. The morning and afternoon classes would be combined. My son's share would be eight pieces of big apples. Red, I suppose and not the Fuji ones. I saw the list and some are tasked to bring 8 pieces of fried chicken. I am contented and quite satisfied that we would just only bring apples.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Listen to online educational podcasts

I am thinking of getting an online education. Now, my dilemma is what to choose from those online college courses. Of course, I should weigh possibilities and there are factors that I should really consider. Number one is if I really like what I am going to decide on. I already have a college degree and my line of work right now has no relation in whatever way to that degree. I do not want it to happen again. Another most important thing to consider is the job opportunities after graduation. Oh, I should have put number one in the list the online school of course where I should get that course!

It would help to research or maybe better yet listen to online podcasts from online students and teachers. Capella University has that! Well then, I should just check this online university.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.

Just like older children

I am thinking of a blog overhaul! Well, I have been keeping this template for the longest time. Maybe it is now time to change the look or should I wait for next year? Oh, by the way, 2009 will be the year of the Ox! My year! Well, I pray and give it all to the Lord to guide us!

Going back... I am just happy that this blog is alive again so I guess, it deserves some of my attention. Yeah, I created other blogs and much of my time was given to those new ones. Just like older kids, I thought that this blog could be independent enough, lol! Maybe, I just need to make and strictly follow a certain schedule. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank you to my Entrecard Droppers

Hey guys, see the Dropaholics widget at my sidebar? Well, I am not really a dead serious dropper but I like that widget because it shows my top droppers. It sort of works as a link love already and I do not have to put it every month. I have not thank my loyal droppers since I joined Entrecard. Now, I could already drop by their blogs as well without checking on my dashboard who dropped by this blog also. Pretty amazing and useful for me. There is one thing I noticed though. If you are going to display the badges, it would not be the same like when you would display the links only. Displaying the links is more accurate for me.

Blood pressure monitor for Christmas

For Christmas, I am thinking of buying a medical equipment. Well, I think we need a blood pressure monitor. Though my baseline blood pressure (BP) is only 90/60, my husband has a different story. Well, they have history of hypertension in their family. Lately, I have been noticing that hubby is getting short tempered. I am afraid that his BP might raise anytime.

If you are going to purchase any kind of medical equipment and supplies, you could already purchase it online at AllegroMedical.com. It is a very good news. I could still remember when I was in College that we bought my first BP apparatus in a popular store very far from the place I lived in. It took us four hours of commuting to get that. Now, online shopping is very convenient.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Earn more to share more

My brother has been texting me during the past few days for a little help. My heart was broken because I could not do anything about it yet. Gone are the days that I had so much that he would not say it again, the help would just be in his hands in no time. I hope he understands.

I have a family now and my son and my husband are my priorities. I also have bills to pay just like the others do. I wonder why my mother could not understand that or she just no other person to turn to?

Anyways, today is salary day. I only have enough to last us again until the next pay day. But what can I do? I could not say now that I do not have anything to give just what I said and of truth the past days. I said, yes, as usual. I just think that I am more blessed.

I really hope to earn more so that I could share more.And, as always, I know that the One Up There will always provide.

Come into the clear world

would you rather be in a blurry world or you could see clearly again by wearing prescription eyeglasses? What is keeping you to buy one? Would it be the old style that would make you look older or the cost? Look now! You could now afford those prescription eyeglasses! Yes, for as low as 15$ only from Optical4less! Moreover, you should not look like a nerd` if you do not like to look like one, huh! I once wanted to look like nerd or smart before. I was wearing protection eyeglasses. Oh, I wanted to look more matured before. Anyways, going back to the eyeglasses which are being sold online at Optical4less, there are so many designs to choose from. There is a complete set of prescription eyeglasses. Even the anti-reflective coating are included for free! Who could beat that,huh! You could also order tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading glasses, photochromic sunglasses and much more! No worries if you are thinking about the fitting because there is a virtual try on system. How cool could that be! You could try on as many as you can of those trendy,fashionable and stylish frames. Get more than one pair and shipping is free. You could order now in time for Christmas! It could be a great gift for you and for your loved ones who might just need to wear eyeglasses. Delivery is very fast. Your eyeglasses would arrive within a week!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blog approved!

I am very happy that this blog has been approved for another blog advertising company. Well, that means additional income. If only I would not touch those earnings, maybe I have lots of savings already. I checked my pay pal and the figures there are not bad at all. I have been blogging for money for more than a year already. Well, of course, I encashed all the earnings already . I am currently working alone, meaning the bread winner and my salary would not suffice for all of our expenses. I am very thankful for this blogging opportunity.

Affordable gift ideas

If I am about to give a gift, there are things that I consider. First, I would like it to be useful. It should be something that would last meaning it is not consumable. So, lotions,cologne,soap,fruit cake, toothpaste are all crossed out. I also take note of the age of the person . What are his likes and dislikes? Would the gift that I would give him be really something that he needs? And of course, budget is also of utmost importance.

Selecting the right gift for the right person could really be nerve cracking and time consuming. It helps to get gift ideas and suggestions from others. Moreover, it would be practical to just ask the person what he wants. That is why, in the office, we have this wish list for our exchange gift. I noticed in that list that many would like to get a flash drive. Well, almost everybody has a computer nowadays and a flash drive proved to be really helpful for sharing and saving files. I know one person who even use her flash drive for recording her review book so that during her idle time at work, she would just pug it in and listen to her notes. A flash drive is really a practical gift.

Since almost everybody would like to get a flash drive, why not get a personalized one? To each his own as to the color and material to be used. There are wooden ones too.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Plain housewife?

What is the definition of a plain housewife? the one who stays at home, look after the kids, take care of the household, and be a good wife. That includes cleaning of the house, doing the laundry and ironing the clothes! Is it not being the maid? A house help gets even more because he or she is being paid to do those things, right? It is really hard to be a maid. I feel like one the past few days. I did all the cooking and laundry and pressing of clothes. How about cleaning the house? Oh, the time is not enough for me to squeeze that!

Anyways, what can I do? We do not have a maid right now and I think not in the near future. Finding one is hard and moreover, they are quite expensive these days.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It is possible to be debt free

One of the original topics supposedly that I would like to tackle on this blog is how to get out of debt. Really now! The key is to start acting on it. Believe it or not, I stopped adding to my debt in more ways than one. It is just the high interest rates that have been digging me into that debt hole. I should seek now professional assistant, I guess. You know, something that would make a program for me and how to address my obligations. One that would not sacrifice my daily needs. It means that a debt solution that is made for my present financial status.Yes, it is possible with debtfreellc.com/.

Lifestyle check

Are you experiencing upset stomach lately? Or you might be having constipation more often? How about indigestion? I read that there are only three secrets for better digestive health.

1. Less stress
2. More exercise
3. Better diet

Who says it is easy? That seems a complete lifestyle change isn’t it? A change in your daily routine. I for one am just writing it to somehow encourage me to have a better lifestyle and get on the track again. But still, I am really having a hard time. Exercise and diet are causing me stress!

Kidding aside, I think I should act now on that. My husband was looking at me last night and he lovingly commented that I am getting fatter everyday. Not to mention all the symptoms I have been experiencing lately.

Pounding headache

I am having a pounding headache and I could not function. Well, I am on the last days of my red visitor. I was spared of the premenstrual symptoms like migraine but it is attacking right now. Or is it because I tested the rains yesterday if it would affect me at all. Yes, I went outside without umbrella. I forgot to bring one on my way to the office. Oh, what is it with this rainy December? Anyways, I hope that this headache will go away soon. Paracetamol? I am too lazy to take one. I do not want to turn to it all the time.

Simply fashionable

Taking about financial health and living a good life, the key is to keep it simple. I think it is true and I have learned some lessons. Like in buying jewelries, I go now for fashion jewelry rather than those expensive diamonds. I would still love to have diamonds though if someone would give me. I find fashion jewelries practical. You could wear it anytime without any worries that someone might grab it from you without your permission. The best thing is you could afford to buy a fashion jewelry thus you could get as many designs as you want. You could buy one for daily use.There are designs also that you could match to an evening dress. You could wear anything you fancy about when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great site for football fans

Thank you to Carlsberg web tv for bringing this football fan site! It is called www.partofthegame.tv. It is very informative and at the same time really fun. You could leave comments and even meet friends who are football lovers too! Check it out and for starter, watch some clips! I am sure you would enjoy this one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buy as many as you want

Now that the Christmas season is here, people have started shopping. They should take a look at the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. These are very affordable! Only at the popular online eyeglasses shop, Zenni ,where you could get $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses! That would mean lots of savings if you would compare buying from elsewehere. Rest assured that these are high quality eyeglasses. Buy as many as you want!

Short hair or long hair?

I cut my hair. I really don’t have any problem with the hair cut but the real issue is I do not have very obedient hairs. That is why I prefer long hair so that I could just wear it all up in a pony tail. No sweat and looks clean all the time. I do not have to iron it or blow dry it. Nevertheless, I had to cut it. Cost cutting? Ha,ha,ha! I always say that I needed to have a shorter hair because of the recession. You know, life is hard and shampoo is becoming more expensive each day! That is just an excuse though! Anyways, I am sporting a very short hair now.

How about you? What do you prefer? Short or long hair?

Lose that belly fat!

Who would not like to flaunt their beautiful and leaner tummies? I was able to watch a commercial about a boy who was looking for his favorite Robot shirt. It turned out that her older sister is wearing it. It is an advertisement encouraging people to loose weight. Ouch! That has been my problem for a long time. My son is now five years old and I have not lost that baby fat. Lol! Kidding aside, it was hard. I do not want to blame anybody but really, how could I not eat if there is delicious food on the table? Who could resist that chocolate bar and luscious cake? Just at lunch today, I had a serving of caramel cake. However, I do not intend to be this way. It would still make me feel better if I could slip in to those old pair jeans in my cabinet. I have been keeping it for so long there as an inspiration of how acceptable the measurement of my waistline was. I know I could do it again. I guess, starting with my belly? I should take this Flat Belly Diet then. Would you believe that you could lose as much as 15 pounds in 32 days by eating dark chocolate every after meal? Pretty amazing and convincing, huh! You might want to go to the site and join this Flat Belly sort of contest. All you have to do is to fill out a form about your present physical condition and age. If you are selected, you would receive a free book and the most rewarding part is you could finally have that flat tummy again.



Friday, November 14, 2008

Fried dried fish and fresh tomatoes

It was a tiring day at the office almost doing nothing. I was able to read a few chapters of Twilight though until 7PM. Then we had to process some tasks~ finally! It was not the usual thing, though! I was really bored.

I got home around 11Pm and together with my husband munched on the Durian chips from Thailand. It is the man's favorite. I got thirsty and went to the kitchen. I saw some tomatoes at the table top. I opened the ref and there it was` some fried dried fish! Ironic for a dinner, huh! We should have that for breakfast. But then again, I could not resist it! Oh, yes! I over ate again. It was filling and satisfying! Sinful though!

A must for every travel

None of the pregnant women in the office during last summer was able to join their team’s travel out. Of course, they would not be able to enjoy it anyways because of their condition. Most of the teams went to the beach and traveled by airplane. One of our teammates who is also my friend was not able to join us. Good thing that this December, they will be checking in a hotel for a one-night stay. The facilitator chose a five star hotel that surely they could enjoy! I bet there would be a buffet during breakfast, free use of the pool and other amenities. Too bad it would only be for a day.

Next year, we hope that the company would still allow us to go on a trip. As early as January, teams are already canvassing and looking for the good places to go. Since we have been doing this for the past four years, sometimes we just choose those places that other teams had already went. That way we already have an idea on what to expect. Yes, there are already some don't go there warnings so it would be up to us if we would still try our luck in a particular beach or

I wonder if there is something like the don’t go there book here just like the one written by Peter Greenberg. It is a must for every travel.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you still happy?

My office mate said that he is having attacks of depression (?) lately. He easily gets irritated and sensitive even to very small matters. He said that he becomes like this when he is not happy anymore with the things around him. Like our job? When you are doing the same thing for almost ten years then maybe there is a reason of being unhappy already. He is now thinking of resigning and look for another work. I wish I could afford it too. Am I not happy also? Not really but there are many other factors why I would like to take a new road.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Affordable eyeglasses

Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Yes, because of its affordability yet high quality, Zenni got the attention of Fox news. Well, who would not want to get Great Eyeglasses For Less? Prescription eyeglasses always come with a price that is why others suffer from poor vision. Good news, there is Zenni. You could also choose from Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. For the fashionable ones, you could get as many as you want because of its low price compared to those signature eyeglasses.

Visit Zenni on Fox for more information.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A church theater experience

Do you have this feeling that you would like to Find out more about God? You feel lost and weary and you do not know where to turn to? Sometimes, praying alone seemed not enough to regain your strength? Oh, you hunger and would like to Find out more!

The old format or the normal format of masses in the church is now revolutionalized. During special occasions, there are videos and slides presentations to celebrate a Holiday maybe or a birthday of a Saint. It goes the same for any Christian group. That makes the learning more enjoyable and effective to convey the message of God’s words. How much more if it would be held in a theater where there is a better sound system. Sitting in a theater is also more quiet and comfortable. The lights can also be controlled for the complete effect. I was able to attend one during Lenten. It was a different feeling. Emotions were overflowing because the presentation there was amazing. It really went through and touched everyone who was present. If I would be given another chance or be invited to such fellowship, I would not miss it for a thing.

By the way, you have the chance to experience the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD. It will be held on October 22-23. Why don’t you try for yourself? I am sure that it would be overwhelming.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jerry is still here

Do you know Jerry? Yeah, the rat! Since, it is year of the rat, I would like to write about him.Tom and Jerry is actually one of the favorite shows of my son.As a matter of fact, he has a DVD of Tom and Jerry episodes.There are times that he watches it a trillion times a day!Really now! Well, I sort of thank T&J because I can do lots of other things when my kid is busy with it.

By the way, the reason why I am writing this also is because, I saw the small Jerry running around the sala just now!Yikesss? I do not want to give any excuses why he is here, huh! Actually, one time he was saying hi to me here at my computer table.I asked my husband since, it is year of the rat, is it bad to kill them? He said, no! So, he tried to let small Jerry rest in peace by offering some food.But, I think, it was not successful! Jerry is still here!

picture source:johnrozun.com

Buy a condo!

I would love to live in a condominium. It is secured. There are services within reach like laundry, shopping and others. It is like living in a resort like place everyday of your life. I have many friends who invested in condominiums. Well, some are actually enjoying the condo life already. There are some though who just bought it for future use or to maybe to resell it someday. We all know that real estate always go up. Investing in a land property means profit and good value. You would never worry of the return of investment.


If you are interested to buy a condo for you to have your own place or just a hideaway when you are bored and would like to relax, Register for an eBrochure Here. Have you been to Panama? It is a very wonderful place that you would surely love. You have the chance of buying your own vacation spot there. There are several units of condo hotels for sale there. I visited the site and the place is just breath taking. I might consider buying one for my family. I just hope that when that time comes the developer of Hotel constructed one for me. For now, all of you who have the money, why don’t you take a look? You might be able get one for yourself. Get a unit at Hotel Casco Antiguo .


Monday, October 13, 2008

Is my I.Q. okay?

What is the average IQ of an individual? They say that IQ is based on age that is why in all IQ tests, the birthday is being asked I got curious thus I took the exam. Oh well, I got 122. Is that below average? I know a kid who has 198 for IQ. I could remember that I reached 200+ when I was younger.

Favorite Bible Story

One of the famous stories in the Bible is about the Prodigal Son. There have been many versions of this and all of them are good. It has a moral lesson about the love of a Father to his child. It depicts God’s love for us. Even if when we sin repeatedly, the most forgiving God would forgive us.

As a mother, I then thought, what if my son would do that to me? Would I be able to forgive him? All I know now is I love my son very much and I am doing everything for him. He has some small sins already like watching television for long hours and being hard headed about it. Still, I let it pass and try to talk to him. I hope though that I will be able to raise him to be a better person just like the Father in the Prodigal Son story did.

Have you read as many Bible Stories? Find out more by joining the first-ever Theater Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. It always pays to watch and learn together with a group of people. You get to share ideas and experiences. I had the experience of attending a Church conference inside a theater and it is beyond compare. Much more if it is being brought by the Cinemeetings and Events of Cinemedia.

As of me, I am always hungry to Find out more.


It is reddish brown or brownish red?

Hey, I have changed the look of my blog again! Do you like it? I took the inspiration from a very good blogger. Well, you cannot guess because there are lots of bloggers who change their themes from time to time. At first, I was just trying to change my header. It happened that the color of the picture I chose does not blend with pink. So, here it is…it came out as a whole new look.

Keeping the faith

I have a favorite song and the chorus goes like this:

Come to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads.
For the yoke I will give you is easy and my burden is light.
Come to me and I will give you rest.

Honestly, I did not know that these lyrics of my favorite song came from Matthew 11:28.
"Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

I know that it came fro the Bible but I did not know that it came from the Book of St. Matthew. That would be one of my favorite verses then. Oh, if I had known before then I could have recited a very long verse and got a good grade in my Sunday School class. Lol! Our Sunday School teacher was always encouraging us to Find out more verses to memorize.

Find out more and learn about God’s words. Who knows, you could compose your own song out of it, right? Be inspired by the first-ever Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD on October 22 & 23. When I had the luxury of time before, I used to attend conferences like this. This would be a very good experience. Moreover, since it will be held in a theater, you would certainly enjoy the presentation. In addition, it is going to be hosted by Cinemedia. Take advantage of this and get to know the good Lord better. Keep the faith,Find out more !


Friday, October 10, 2008

Banana, the new wonder fruit?

I read in one blog that there is a banana diet fad right now especially in Japan. Wow, that is the diet that I would be able to do, I guess! You know, I love bananas! All of us here do! I bought a kilo today and it is now down to two pieces! Imagine that! I am glad that almost the whole world now is aware of the wonders of banana. That would mean good export business for our country!

Shop Online Safely

Do you do online shopping? I tried once or twice but I know someone who loves online shopping. There are times that I pay for the items she buys though so it seems like I am the one doing the online shopping also. Anyways, if you have the internet connection, I would really recommend online shopping. I used my credit card during my online shopping experience. There are many payment options though like paypal and other forms of money transfers. It is convenient and safe if I may say. It is fast too. Most online sellers would not give you false hopes and they are true to their promise. You could actually talk to the person selling you the items or through their customer service. Sometimes, you could also haggle for the price and ask for some freebies. My friend gets many of those free items from her sellers. Well, she deserves it because she is a loyal buyer.

Christmas season is near and it is best to do your shopping already to avoid the rush. Why not do it online and experience it yourself? One thing I like also about online shopping is I would buy the things I really need and I could still think a trillion times before finally adding it to my cart. They do not have closing time also unlike department stores. Most of all, you will be spare from so many things like traffic, extra expense for gasoline, energy and of course, your precious time.


If you have fears with regard to shopping online, then you should have buySAFE! It is a free tool that would guide you to shop online safely.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy at work

It has been a long time since I have not written here. I am quite busy with so many things that is why. Today, I had my revalida in the office and I think I did not do good. That is due to lack of preparation maybe. I also think that is not that important to me since I am not for promotion anyways. I just hope though that I will get a manageable score.

Church service in a theater

I have a friend who loves to go to church. She goes there everyday. There are certain novenas that she religiously does. As of me, sometimes I could not go to church because of my work schedule. However, I found out that I do not have to go to Church to hear or attend the service. Masses and fellowships are not being held solely in churches anymore. When we were still living near the malls, we go there for our Sunday mass. At first, we used to attend the one being held in that spacious area of the establishment. One time, we were not able to wake up early to attend that particular service. We still went to the mall and found out that there was an evening mass and the venue was a theater! Yes, a movie theater. What was my experience? Well, it was comfortable because it was not crowded. I also did not have to use the fan that I always bring to mass in case that it gets hot. The air-conditioning inside a theater is always just right. Most of all, the sound system was great or should I say, perfect? There was a surround. There were even slides and videos during the sermon. I prefer now going to a theater for church than going to a traditional one. You too can try the experience. Find out more about it on October 22&23 at the first-ever inaugural Theatre Church Conference in Silver Spring, MD.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Job or family?

Whoa! What a question! I feel like in showbizness asking that to myself. What would I choose? Job or family? Well, I just sort of thought of that because I am left right now blogging for money while my son and hubby are there already attending a kiddie activity. I wish I was there to take some pictures and bond with them. But, I have some deadlines to finish. After all, if I would not do this, they could have not attended that function? Yes, we had to purchase a ticket to be able to got there.

Oh, well... I am about to finish so I might just drop by.

LASIK: good for your eyes

Good eyesight is very important to everybody. My husband and I were talking a few days ago on what he would choose not to lose and he said that it is his vision. That is why there are many modern technologies now in relation to the improvement of visual acuity. Even eye surgeries right now are not that scary because of LASIK technology. It is a laser eye surgery to correct vision. It has been around for more than five years and many have tried and actually benefited from it. Most of all, this procedure is safe.

There is new LASIK information that really caught my interest. There is a modern LASIK version that uses two lasers instead of one. It is now called iLASIK. Besides the surgery that is being performed by the first laser. The second laser would do the correction of vision. It was proven that many have acquired a 20-20 vision or even better after the procedure. Because of its efficiency and popularity, the US Military and NASA had adapted this for their personnel. This is a good investment on their part because of the nature of their work. An excellent vision is really needed.

I might check this out and hopefully I can schedule a check up for my hubby. His vision is now blurry. I am afraid; there will come a time that he might not recognize my face.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No signal!

It is raining cats and dogs! Everytime it does, that would mean no or bad signal prompt in our TV! Uh,oh! That happens when you are using a sattelite receiver. Does it mean that a cable subscription is still better? Too bad there is none available here in our place. Oh, you might wonder if I live in the mountains? LOL!

My love story in digital presentation

If there is a romantic story that I love, it is our own story! Yes, the love story of my life. My then boyfriend, now my husband and I were separated for ten years. Before he left to work abroad, we were together for two years and had created precious memories. When we were geographically apart, we just sent each other pictures, love letters, gifts, Christmas cards and others. We also burnt the telephone lines during that time. I was able to keep all those prepaid cards that I used to communicate with him. Now, we are living as husband and wife with one cute little boy in tow. I remembered before that he told me to make sure all our pictures are kept safe so that we will be able to show our children and future grandchildren. Now that everything is digital, why not turn those memories into a more lasting one. We could collate all the pictures, combine it with music and some graphics into a beautiful presentation. I read that Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover could help us out. They can do a combination of their two episodes, that of Wedding Day Crunch and A Walk in the Park. I like both because it would certainly serve what I have in mind. I think that it would be great. That would be one of my prized possessions.

Are you already watching Digital Makeover TV? It is really fun and informative, is it not? Zoey and Chris, the hosts of the show had helped many people already. Good news, there is a contest going on! It is open to all! You will have a digital makeover and even win prizes! Join now!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank you, Social Spark

Yes, I am thanking SS! No bonuses. I would just like to thanks them for the continuous flow of assignments. I wish though that my blog would be qualified.Lol! Kidding aside, I always have an assignment or two each month. As a matter of fact, I have written more for SS than any other blog for money network. SS does not make it hard on me and I guess all of us also. We just have to take the opportunity, wait for our slot and the reservation e-mail.

Designer Lingerie

Who says that wearing Lingerie is only for special occasions? If you would like to keep your relationship longer, dressing promptly and nicely even if you are just going to sleep is necessary. Men have always been visual, don’t you agree? Of course, we always have to keep our best collections for special dates. However, that does not mean that you will just be on anything less. Whether you are on two-piece or one piece, chemise, shorts, tongs or your pajamas, you should go for the best!

You might want to check out Boudiche. It offers Designer Lingerie. Various designers make their collection from the international fashion industry. They are also offering big cup sizes of bra. Swimwear for big women are available too! Explore their sites and find yourself!

The lingerie that you wear also says something about you. Do you go for simple ones? How about that bright red lingerie that comes into our minds when we talk of this clothing apparel? Do you dare to be different? At Boudiche, there are many lingerie designs to choose from! Even girl shorts and panties are available!

Do you think that only women shop for lingerie? I believe that it is the men who could choose the best designs. After all, who do you want to attract in wearing that lingerie? For married women who are becoming bigger or for those who are just bigger in size, that is not an excuse for you not to wear that lingerie and not feel good about yourself. Boudiche knows the demand for large or even extra large sizes. It targets the international market as the designers came from different places.

Grab lingerie now! Check on Freya Lingerie by Freya or Fayreform Lingerie by Fayreform. Take your pick. Do not be meek. It is time to show off that designer lingerie!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

From pale to pink

Since everybody has been changing templates, I tried it too! I made it! Pinky me right now!
Anyways, at least this is a different look. Very different from the previous one, I guess. Oh, well, I find it pale already. Now, I am in the pink of health. Ha,ha,ha!

Anyways, this post is actually for my blog roll which I will be putting at the menu bar...up there, below my header image. If you would like to be added, just give me a buzz.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blogging life

Wake up early
Go directly to PC
Waiting for some greens or whites
Hoping that there will be some offers given
When there is none, you just hope and pray again
Go on with your drops
Sleep late

Is that your usual routine? That is actually mine whenever I am off from my regular job.
Do you find it boring? It is hard to find extra income and blogging gives that to me. It means hardwork,eh! I am not complaining but full of hopes and thankful.

What's Your Money Personality?

Though I know already that I have not been very good with my finances, I still dare to take this test. This is the proof that as long as you are honest with the answers, you will get the right results.

The result is I am chaotic. I am trying to change already.

Your Money Personality is Chaotic

When it comes to money, you don't know how much is really coming in or going out.

And you don't know how much you need to live... and possibly how much you have right now.

You spend recklessly on whatever strikes you at the moment.

And as far as savings go, you don't have any. You're lucky if you make it to the next paycheck.

You need to start keeping track of what you spend, what you save, and what you have.

It may not be pretty, but it's better to know than not know!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Child's Innocence

My niece is now limited to 1,000 ml fluid intake. That includes water, juice, milk, fruit extracts and the like. The pediatrician said that the kidney has to heal and it cannot be overworked. That is quite alarming. She is also not allowed to play for one week. This is a precautionary measure so that her blood pressure will not shoot up. She candidly asked her doctor if she is also excused from washing the dishes. Her doctor said so in affirmative. Kids can be so naive about life’s reality. She does not have the slightest idea that she might have a life threatening condition.

She is now out of the hospital after four days. I pray that she will continue to improve and be completely well again.

Good food!

My friend’s uncle owns a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes we order there our lunch especially during weekends when our canteen is not available. I love their seafood recipes! Besides, seafood is good for the health. Compared to meat and chicken, seafood has less fat. The oil that you will get from some of it can even be healthy. Since my shift is 1200-2100H today, it is past lunch, thus I was not able to place my order. The ones who are on earlier shifts were already eating when arrived. Wow, fish tofu! This dish is one of my favorites. I am becoming hungry again. To think that I just had my meal at 11AM! Ha, ha, ha! I am a hearty eater that is why, I should choose carefully what to put inside my stomach or else, I will be really big! Anyways, if I cannot eat the seafood that I want today, I will just ask my husband to prepare for me. Yes, he is the one who does the cook off! Maybe, I will buy some shrimps and crabs tomorrow for a Family Day treat! I have seen a good recipe at www.GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com.It is actually the winner of the competition. It is a complete meal already because it has bacon, okra, shrimp, spices and other vegetables. Most of all, this dish made by Chef John Currence of Mississippi has rice! I cannot live without eating rice!It is called Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice.

There are other recipes to find on this site. Good news, you could vote for the recipe that you think is the best. Yes, there are prizes available like that trip package to New Orleans.

You will find good food and you have a chance to win, so what are you waiting for? Check it out, now!

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Meek and Mild?

We are three girls in the family. Some people say that we are to each her own beauty. My youngest sister has fair skin and tall at 5’7”. She was actually a beauty queen in our town. Our eldest is the shortest at 5’2” but she has a different charm because of her friendliness. She always wears that big smile. Me? I am the meek and mild type. They say that I am blessed with an angelic face. People say that they melt with my gaze. Oh, well, my husband is the one who always tells that to me. He said that I have that flirtatious smile as if working to magnetize everyone. The way I move my long hair also had a meaning for him. I always would like to achieve a Victory Hair. Women can always use their hair whether if we wear it up or down to get a guy, don’t we? Hey, why don’t you check out the contest by Extreme Style by VO5 to know more about this Victory Hair thing. You will also learn more tricks to keep your man or woman! Go and emerge as the winner of the Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Going back to me, I am also a very caring person and even without words, my friends and loved ones could feel it. I am a woman of few words that is why. I also want to keep my mystery at times. I might sympathize with you by hugging you or giving you a pat on your back. I am also a shoulder to cry on. Do I have that look in the picture? I think I am saying like, I am the boss here in that arms on my waist pose!

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Thank you, Mom and Dad

Our son said thank you to me and his Daddy for attending his first curricular activity in school. It is Language Week (Linggo ng Wika) and the program was held this morning. Our son is really growing up. I hope that we could really hone him to become a good person and a member of the community. They say that it always depends on how the parents bring up their kids. A solid foundation is necessary. Before, I thought it will be easy. I tell you. What you read in the books is very different when you are there already.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are You Like Your Mom?

This blog thing caught my interest. There are some traits that we did inherit from our parents beside the physical features. I would like to find out how I am similar to my mother. Believe me, I dread not to be... Lol!

You Are Somewhat Like Your Mom

Believe it or not, you and your mom are pretty darn similar.

It may not seem like it at times, but you and your mom have a lot of common ground.

Over time, you'll probably get closer ... especially if you emphasize the things you like about each other.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Believing in yourself

Do you sometimes tell yourself, you did well! Yes, who will love you first but you! That is why there is the song, The Greatest Love of All, right? I just thought of it out of the blue. Well, I think I have written something nice, he,he,he. Look at the post below!

Anyways, my friend inculcated into my mind that I should be proud of the things I do. In that way, others will follow. I should not be shy of my accomplishments but instead let others know about it when asked, ha! I might annoy them if I just mumble about things without being asked. Before, this friend of ours is misunderstood for that seeing her as aggressive and yes, PROUD or not humble at all. Then again, that is her way to boost her self-confidence so who could judge her for it, right?

Me, I needed some more inspiration to keep me going. There are times that I really feel down and feel that nothing is going right.

Laugh but it is true!

Hey guys! Do you want to understand more yourself? Then you should read this article: Are You Normal or Nuts? by Reader’s Digest. It is good to laugh at ourselves sometimes then we will realize that we have read is actually true for us and for others. The article tells about insecurities, phobias, paranoia and things that are just normal. You will not get bored because the stories there are funny and actually entertaining but in the end, you will learn something from it. The advices given in every situation is very good too. It is like having a psychologist in front of you! Wow, we all get a free session at that!

One of my favorites is about shopping, of course! The article actually reminded me of my previous boss. During my interview, I remembered the polo shirt that he was wearing in terms of color and brand. As I saw him everyday in the office, I noticed that he seemed wearing the same polo shirt in two to three consecutive days. I asked his bodyguard if he was like that not changing clothes everyday or just had a favorite. He laughed at me and informed me that our boss has a collection of that particular shirt in all shades! Being the personal assistant that time, I was able to ho with him shopping and I saw myself that he will not buy clothes in one color. He buys it in a minimum of five! Imagine that! I would like to ask him then, “Sir, Are You Normal or Nuts?”. Oh, I could have been fired if I did that, right?LOL!

Sponsored by Reader's Digest

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to Square One

It is really hard when you do not have savings. Just like now, we run out of gas for our gas range. Good thing we have an electric stove. We are really short of cash right now. We just came from a big spent. Hay, credit card bills are also here and demand letters at that. I am so pressured with all those things. I know though that I will be able to surpass all of these. Well, when things are settled, we could go back to square one and start saving again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Heads or Tails


Happy Anniversary to Heads or Tails!
I have not been that active but I will never forget to greet you on your anniversary.
So, what has a head and a tail?
How about a puppy?
If only I can really give a gift to you for this very special day, I would give you the one in the picture below. Hope you like it, Barb!
Take care and more years ahead!

click on the heads or tails button to join or here!
picture from photobucket.com

Time to Sleep?

My husband told me that it is already 12 am,meaning i have to sleep,err...He needs to sleep.Our son is sleeping at the sofa and has to be transferred to the bedroom.Hubby advised that if i do not want to sleep yet,i have to sleep at the sofa.I am afraid.His mother just passed away and my friend was just asking me a while ago f she did not visit us.Whew!Eerie.So,now i am here at the bed,trying to be awake.I had lots of things to do with my blog!I have a new template for it already,plus,i would like to wait for some green bucks to pop up.Sighs.I have to entertain myself with the TV show,r u smarter than a fifth grader.I am already sleepy though.Okay,i will change now.I am still on my working clothes.I guess,i have to call it a day.I hope i will wake up early and finally do what i have to do.

Laarni, Vindicated?

Laarni,vindicated?Laarni losala is the PDA star scholar for the week.The judges were impressed on her counterpointing skills.She worked hard for it to the extent that the other scholars got annoyed by her practicing.It caused a rift between her and Miguel.The rest of the group does not really like Laarni.She is always misunderstood and everyone sort of gangs up on her.Err...The insecure ones maybe?Actually,those who are vocal about their dislike for her are part of the bottom four.Who needs to practice now huh?Their bad manners bounced back towards them.I would say that Laarni is like a tree with ripe fruits that is why they are all trying hard to shake her so that they can eat that juicy flesh.All they got was dust...

I watched the nomination a while ago and Cris was saved by the scholars unanimously. Miguel said that he feels that he is in the top three! Inyaki seemed lost his breath. He cried.

The mentors consoled them.

Oh, well... everybody has to go except the winner.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was surprised to see the neon green color at the screen! I rushed and closed all the other windows to make sure that the connection will be faster. I do not usually get those green bucks because of my slow internet speed. Luckily, I was able to write this one. See below. Yes, that is the assignment! I pray that it will be approved real soon.

Superb audio/video software

I never have seen such superb DVD software, only from Blaze Media Pro! Imagine that you can convert a video from any file like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, AVI and ASF. Much more, you can adapt and insert music from CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and others. You can even add some pictures to make your video more beautiful. If you do not like other images, you can delete it too.

I have been away for so long

I never thought that I have been away for so long seeing my own widget at my sidebar. Yes, I have been quite busy with a lot of things. Each night as I try to sit in front of my desktop, I am trying to be back but as some bloggers do, I lose my muse also. I hope it will come back soon though. Anyway, for starter, I took a peek at my entrecard profile and I am thankful that there are still some advert requests. Thank you for not losing interest and for my loyal visitors. I hope I can give you something to read real soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Best deals

In a few months time, Christmas is here again and when is the best time to shop for gifts but today? Why go with the rush? The early bird catches the worm as they say. If you do your shopping today or earlier you will have more time to choose and can even find the best-priced items.

My Christmas list is mainly composed of boys and men. From my husband’s family alone, there are 5 men and around 7 boys. When you talk about the male gender, electronics products come into my mind, right? For the boys, I am thinking of buying them a PlayStation 3. It is a practical choice because they love to play their PS2 and they can still use the games there.

Now, the next step is where to shop? I would go to an online store of course! It has always been more convenient to shop at the comfort of my own home with just a few clicks. Have you heard of shopwiki.com? It is the best online store where many stores are actually located. Meaning, like a very big department store. Therefore, why don’t you check it now and see for yourself.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you a high priced blogger?

Are you a high priced blogger? Meaning, do you do paid posts for a set amount? Do you bend your standards?
I always pray for me to be given more tasks to write. Blogging for money has been very helpful to us. These past few days, there was a lesser influx of assignments. I prayed hard last night and asked for it. There is an available one for $2. I had second thoughts of accepting it. But then again, do I have the right? I should be thankful that my prayer is answered. I did accept it.

Just a few minutes ago, I was able to get five more at 5$ each. A mystery, is it not? I think I was just tested if I will be humble enough and be thankful for what He provides. After all, He is the wealthiest God and He provides us with all our needs all the time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

From old to new

This is my old avatar/widget image for Entrecard. I am not really good at editing pictures and resizing or even putting words into it.

Now, here is my new widget image. It is far better, is it not? Guess who made it? Yes, Sandee of Comedy Plus! She is so thoughtful!
Thank you, Dear Sandee!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I am Still Awake

Hohum! It is 1244AM already here! I know I have to sleep but I am still full. I am experiencing some heartburn lately that really hurts, huh! Therefore, I have to stay up even if I have to wake up early. Yes, I am on a morning shift this time! After one-hour maybe and a glass of water, I will call it a day.

Be personal

I always wanted to give away personalized Christmas cards for the coming Holidays. Too early to talk about it? It is already August in a couple of days and ordering gifts and cards for everyone should be started by now. The early bird catches the worm as they say. Of course, there is still the Halloween season wherein to make fun cards together with those trick or treat give aways would really be fun. It can also be a good business, don’t you think so?

Now that everything can be done through the computer, you might think that it is still not that easy especially if you are not a professional. That is where Vista Print could help you. Browse through their site and get started. Take advantage of their Special Sale wherein you could get some free items too! You just have to take care of the shipping and handling, of course!

For companies who will hold events and need promo giveaways like magnets, sticky notes, hats-shirts and the like, Vista Print has all of that! Try to make your own design. You can even put your own picture!

Surely, my dream of giving away a personalized Christmas card will happen this year. That is only because of VistaPrint.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


While doing this post, I am washing the clothes, watching TV and trying to take care of my four-year-old son. He is on Kinder but classes are finished so he is home already. Good thing his cousin is around playing with him. Right now, he shouting .That is how he plays with his cousin, shouting hard to his ears so that he can get what he wants. Well, I got some patience to tolerate that. Good thing his Dad is not around or else, he will be spanked to keep quiet.

On top of the game

I see the IT people in our office being highly paid. I sort of envy them sometimes knowing that I could have taken that path also if I wanted too. It is not only the salary that is attractive but also the knowledge that they have about technology. It is now the era of computers, password, programs and the like. Everything is almost automated. All businesses need an IT expert.

Telecommunications and setting up of networks be it big and small are also the main trend in the industry today thus the high demand for information technologists in all levels. The competition is becoming great also amongst the IT graduates because the higher the demand, there are also an influx of enrollees for the IT course. After graduation, what is the demarcating factor between them? There is no board exams for ITs as doctors of medicine or nurses and other professions do. There are certifications, instead. Where to get a trusted one? They can check on Cisco certification. Cisco offers many courses for different levels and depending on the nature of job, one is to apply for. The skills that he might need appropriate for the role that he will be partaking say in the setting up of network and the like.

In everything that we do, we have to stay on top of the game. Be it in IT or in a different field, for us to rise above the rest, we should always keep our best foot forward. How to achieve that? Be good and continue to achieve to become the best. For ITs, let Cisco help you with that.

Sponsored by Cisco

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you manage petty quarrels?

I am praying for patience everyday. With all the pressures inside the household and in the office, patience is really needed. I admire all those who keep their cool, every time. In our house, we always have petty quarrels. Sometimes, I get into it and eventually make it big, And then I thought, oh, the matter is too small to be given time and attention. I should have shrugged my shoulders off and did not mind it at all. What if those fights become frequent? If you add one plus one, it becomes two and so on and so forth. You might just wake up one day that there is already a very big dark cloud inside your home. Keep mum about it? Stay quiet? Accept it? Everyday is a continuous struggle thru life. I hope I will make it.

Do you want more readers?

Why do you blog? There are some anonymous blogs that became like that because they want to keep it to themselves, maybe as a personal online diary. What if you would like to share information and meet people? In the long run, you will also try to monetize your blog. Why not? That will be an extra source of income. If you would like to share information and make money, what do you need? People to read your blog and blog posts. You should have the magic word, traffic. How do you do that? There are many ways really. Sometimes, your web host can even provide that for you but on a limited basis depending on what you pay for. Why pay when you can deliver your content for free? Yes, through Zookoda. It is like having your own newsletter thru e-mail. Yes, your posts will be directly sent to the inbox of your readers! No spam worries! Here are some benefits of Zookoda:
-mobile users can even be reached by sending your content in text format
-newsletters can be personalized to match with your blog’s theme
-newsletter subscription forms can be customized
-broadcasts can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
-you can view real time reports
-and of course, it somehow becomes your e-mail manager

So, what are we all waiting for? Sign up now for free! I am sure that your traffic will be increased and more and more people will be interested going to your site. Increased traffic means you have to do better so it somehow indirectly inspires you also to make quality posts, right?

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My husband strikes again! Did he hurt my feeling or not? Well, he was looking for our picture frames so that he could put it on the wall. I pointed to the very big frame with somewhat a portrait of mine. He said that it is not a picture but an artifact already. Well, I was still young in that picture and…slim! I just laughed it off. He added that I should be singing Regine Velasquez’s hit “ Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang”…it means if I could only bring back… I said, why not? I can still lose the weight. :-)

Guy meets girl

Even in the oldest times, fixing the hair is evident and a necessity for both men and women. That is why, there are many products in the market for the hair. When I was in my younger years, I have a beautiful hair that I could turn into different styles. That is made possible with the help of a good shampoo and conditioner.

Let me share a story about Victory hair. I have a friend who looks really hot. Moreover, she knows to even look better by making up her hair. Whether she wear it long or short, up or down, it is good on her head. There was once a time that we were in a party and a person approached us. Hmn, the guy by the way also looked great and his hair seemed very soft to touch. His hair was also well kept. I wonder if he used Extreme Style by VO5.I could say that he and my friend was a perfect match. He offered to bring us home. My friend and I were neighbors. I went ahead to my house and I learned the next day that this fellow stayed for a cup of coffee and the rest is history. They stayed as steady dates for quite sometime. That is usually the steps a man do. Complement a woman, bring her home, coffee talks, dates, and who knows what is next?

Would you like to learn or practice flirting techniques? Join Ultimate Flirting Championship.This is an exciting and fun game towards your Victory Hair.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Page rank conscious

Are you page rank conscious? I am! Ha,ha! I am laughing at myself but it is true, I check my blog and my friends’ blogs’ page rank almost everyday. I have this obsession and to let go of this, I think I should tell it to the world. Then again, I think that page rank should not be the measure to judge if it is a quality blog or not. Moreover, who says that it should be ranked or measured anyway? Most blogs are personal diaries and a form of therapy for the many. Writing is their way to release their tensions. An outlet. Having a good ranking is secondary, I guess. For those who are trying to monetize their blogs though, it is of importance in a way. Having a page rank would mean more assignments, I guess. I see successful probloggers though with PR 0. As of me? I got zero. Still, thank you to those who trust in me. Do not leave nor disappear!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dream vacation

I love to travel. I just wish that I could afford some Luxury Holidays that I am reading online and watching on TV. I experienced traveling through Asia and I think discovering other parts of the world would even be a wonderful voyage. I would like to search for Honeymoon Destinations where my loved ones and I could have a good time. Just by writing this, I can smell the fresh air at the beach, the heat of the sun and the comfort of that room where all I can do is relax, eat, and have fun! I am particularly thinking of going to an island, maybe at Maldives. I heard that it is really beautiful there. I hope I can find a package with many freebies and discounts. As I search through the web, I found Onlyexclusivetravel.com. It features resorts in the Fareast, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Africa and Europe. If you are interested and ready to have that Luxury Travel, better check this site. It will give you an idea where to go as the packages are well presented. They also have pictures of the resorts and the amenities it offer. Moreover, you could request for a brochure for a more comprehensive lookup. Oh, I will start saving right now so that I could pack that suitcase!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The sweetest part

The sweetest part of any fight is the making up! Well, I had a fight with my husband this morning and now we are in talking terms again. He is being extra sweet and more understanding. I hope it lasts!

Husbands and wives have fights from time to time but it is considered healthy as long as it does not become a regular thing. It should only be once in a while. When you notice that it is becoming more frequent, then you must reassess your relationship and maybe seek a marriage counselor if things do not get better.

Meet your match

I have not watched a Hollywood movie recently. The last movies I remembered enjoyed watching were. MI III. Wow, that was a long time ago, right? I liked the part when Tom Cruise gave the ring to his girlfriend. Anyways, I did not memorize any lines there. So, what lines do I remember? I think one of the most famous was that of Titanic’s,”You jump, I jump!” This is pretty true for many. Other lines though not in Hollywood or maybe used also were, I will give you the sun and I will give you the moon. There is also, you are my everything. Whew! There are lots of beautiful lines that even though we are not aware of using, we do in real life. If you would like to use your expertise in doing this, check out Extreme Style by VO5 site. There is a fun game there where you can interact with others and learn those tips and tricks. It will tell about how a Victory Hair can get you a partner or a companion. What is this game called? Ultimate Flirting Championship! Meet your match! They are waiting for you. I tried and I still have to meet two other people who will join in!

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Last Eight Minutes!

I cannot think about a title so I just put last eight minutes because in about eight minutes, oh, it is seven now, I will go back to my post. Yes, it is my one hour break. What do you do during yours? Eat, relax a little, maybe dine out...

I just did some entrecard drops. The Internet connection here in the office is quite slow though for me to visit more bloggers.

I wanted to take a nap but then again.. I do not know what is into me. I am quite sad because my son is sick and actually, we never had a decent sleep last night. He was brought to the doctor already and given medications. No antibiotics though because it is just a virus according to the pediatrician.

I wanted to go home already but not yet until 9pm...

Join in!

They say that the hair is the crown of glory. True, right? Many products and services had come up in the market today for improvement of your look by having a nice hair. Nevertheless, we should go back to the basic. That is the usual shampoo and conditioner that we use everyday. I am sure that most of you have tried or are using Extreme Style by VO5. I think I was able to watch one of its campaigns featuring the winner of a popular contest. Well, it is a good one and perfect for the Victory Hair promo.

Have you ever been noticed because of your beautiful hair? I remember during my prime years that men use the women’s hair as subject so that they can say something and eventually introduce themselves. As of me, I cannot forget that line said to me by a man about my hair. He said, “I can die right now if I have touched your long black hair!” That really made me laugh! Men, out there or even women, if you are good at this, then you might want to check out Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Long term goals

It is already July and I have not accomplished nor started yet with my long-term goals. I am not getting any younger. Actually, I have forgotten how old I am.Lol! Sometimes when I am being asked how old I am, I answered back with a question mark. I still feel like the same when I was 20 and now that I am already 35.I cannot say though that I do not have any direction, rather I am stuck in one place. I like to move and progress but I cannot or I think I am not.

It speaks the truth

I love to blog hop because by doing that I discover other bloggers and eventually make friends with some of them. You will be able to get so many information also because each blogger has a different theme. There are those who blog about family, health, sports, and the like. It really widens your horizon and knowledge. The blogosphere has become a pool of resources. There is a website that has a combination of many topics like family and relationships, faith and inspiration and about current events and politics worldwide. For easy reading, it has a blog section too! Who is the owner of this blog? Glenn Beck. You could watch his videos there that will make you think. I really like his views. It speaks the truth on what is going on and what could possibly happen next. By the way, Mr. Glenn Beck has a Summer Comedy Tour on July 17 so purchase tickets now and see for yourself what I am talking about.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two is to one

I really like this rule by some of the advertisers. This way, you do not lose your own content and maintain the quality of your blog, your way. I know that sometimes, writing personal posts become harder when you have many requirements. But it is always a blessing so why not? I, myself am running out of topics to write especially when I am not inspired or when my mind is blank.