Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feel like being there

I attended many Christmas parties and there were so many pictures here and there. The ones that I loved most were those taken during our family reunion. Almost everybody was present except those who live abroad and those who did not make it to take a leave from work. Huh, considering that it was a Sunday, some people still had to go to work.

Anyways, I already saved those photos at my PC. Now, I just have to send them via e-mail or upload in a social network. I was just thinking, what if those that I would send to are still busy then they would not be able to savor the moment and at least keep up with that memory as if they also had been there. If only they have a Digital Photo Frame where they would see pictures flashing! Yes, it is possible through Ceiva! You just have to sign up for a family plan. At Ceiva, anyone who has a digital photo frame subscription could send photos to one another. Just download it and Ceiva would do the rest for you. See pictures flash out in an instant.

Hey, this could be one of the most useful and precious items to give away this Christmas. It would never be too late and anyone who would receive this kind of gift would surely appreciate it!


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