Monday, December 8, 2008

Affordable gift ideas

If I am about to give a gift, there are things that I consider. First, I would like it to be useful. It should be something that would last meaning it is not consumable. So, lotions,cologne,soap,fruit cake, toothpaste are all crossed out. I also take note of the age of the person . What are his likes and dislikes? Would the gift that I would give him be really something that he needs? And of course, budget is also of utmost importance.

Selecting the right gift for the right person could really be nerve cracking and time consuming. It helps to get gift ideas and suggestions from others. Moreover, it would be practical to just ask the person what he wants. That is why, in the office, we have this wish list for our exchange gift. I noticed in that list that many would like to get a flash drive. Well, almost everybody has a computer nowadays and a flash drive proved to be really helpful for sharing and saving files. I know one person who even use her flash drive for recording her review book so that during her idle time at work, she would just pug it in and listen to her notes. A flash drive is really a practical gift.

Since almost everybody would like to get a flash drive, why not get a personalized one? To each his own as to the color and material to be used. There are wooden ones too.

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