Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Earn more to share more

My brother has been texting me during the past few days for a little help. My heart was broken because I could not do anything about it yet. Gone are the days that I had so much that he would not say it again, the help would just be in his hands in no time. I hope he understands.

I have a family now and my son and my husband are my priorities. I also have bills to pay just like the others do. I wonder why my mother could not understand that or she just no other person to turn to?

Anyways, today is salary day. I only have enough to last us again until the next pay day. But what can I do? I could not say now that I do not have anything to give just what I said and of truth the past days. I said, yes, as usual. I just think that I am more blessed.

I really hope to earn more so that I could share more.And, as always, I know that the One Up There will always provide.

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