Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dead tired

I am really dead tired. I feel harassed. I really need a maid. Imagine, instead of me doing other things, I hvae to wash clothes, clean the house, take care of my son, and other domestic chores. I have not even taken a bath yet. I am becoming depressed whenever I realize that life is hard and I am sort of not contented. I know, I just have to clear my mind and have a breath of fresh air. Oh, if only I could be at one of the destination weddings I only have in my dreams as of the moment. After all, I need some time out. But, since it is a romantic place, should I bring my husband along? I am just kidding! Of course, of course! He needs a break too. So, leave the small boss to our relatives and forget about him for just a short period of time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The original?

I could not open my Yahoo account. Has it been hacked? I guess I have to stick with Google then? I am not that sad for Yahoo and how it is going in the internet business because one thing sure, Yahoo is still BIG. Google might be bigger and Facebook right now may be the biggest, but then again, Yahoo seemed to be the first.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The giver

How was your V day, folks? Any special gift received from your loved ones or you did not celebrate at all? My friend gave me a chocolate bar. How sweet, huh! She has always been a giver. I hope I could compensate in the future. I am not really a thoughtful person if the measure is on material things. But, I am very generous with my time. So, I guess, I am a giver too!

Friday, February 12, 2010

V day

Yipee! Blessings again this March. I wish that I could already buy a valuable item. Not as valuable if I buy gold bullion but at least something concrete.

Investing in gold is really good. Just make sure that you belong to the best company or gold manufacturer. There are different kinds of gold. Sometimes, it is being identified with the place it came from. Examples are, US gold, Saudi Gold, Bangkok gold and the like. They say that Saudi gold is the best. well, whatever kind of gold is okay for me.

so, it is V day on Sunday. Why don't you buy gold for your wife and mother.

My own nice gadget

My husband bought me an I-touch imitation. Why? Because I need a recorder. I actually bought him a real Itouch and since he noticed that I sort of liked it, maybe that was the reason why he bought an itouch like voice recorder for me. How sweet, huh! Nah... I will still buy my own nice gadget this March.