Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Study at home

I believe that getting continuous education is very important. In offices, there are occasional trainings for the chosen few. Yes, not everyone is entitled to special trainings though everybody needs it.

Even in the medical field, there are seminars being held from time to time to update on the latest.

I myself, want to not only attend seminars or trainings but also to really go back to school. However, I have to consider lots of things. One of those is time and money. I am working and I need to earn for my family. Thanks to online universities. They answered my question. I could take an online degree instead. Well, I could do that at the comforts of my own home. I just have to make sure that the schedule would fit in.

I found Capella university and this online university offers many courses. I would definitely find the one that I need to take.

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Left out

I have another blog that I think is always left out in terms of assignments. To think that I put more effort in that blog and I write more personal posts there. It has a better Alexa rating and other statistics too. Hey, advertisers, why won't you notice that blog of mine?

For this blog, it is the one that is literally left out. It is still alive though in terms of making some money for me. Thanks to all!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sense of fright

My son already developed the sense of fright or sense of fear. I do not like it. He is now afraid to be left alone especially during night time. He always want somebody beside him. He said that he could imagine so many things. I told him that he gets it from watching too much cartoons and because of his computer games.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Be my own boss

I want to be my own boss. Not that I am not happpy with my work but I would like to work at my own pace and time. Could stock options trading help me? investing in stocks had proven to be successful for the many who knows how to play the market. It is like putting your money to the market where you think would be a good investment, right? I really do not have any idea about it. If you are like me but you would like to go on to a stock trading, then you might want to check out PowerOptions. Contact their 24-hour toll free customer support and let them help you with analyzing stocks for maximum profit.


Very unpredictable. That was what I think. The problem is I wrote it on the account itself. maybe because I was already tired. Anyways, I would just say and write there that it would serve as a guide or warning for all those who are going to handle the account. I did not mean any harm. I just wrote there my observation. I hope I would not be reprimanded for it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deep worry

I could not sleep because I am observing my child. He is into pain as he told me a while ago. I am in deep worry. I pray to God that He heals my son. I am thankful that my son could already express what he feels. I am afraid at the same time. I do not want him to get sick.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pot of gold

Is there a shortcut to become rich? I would like to just go and climb up the rainbow where there is a pot of gold coins at its end. Is it really true? I really believe that story when I was still a child. Now that I am an adult with responsibilities of making a living and raising a child, I know that I have to work hard for me to reach that colorful dream.

But, do you know that you could take hold of those gold coins here on earth as in real life? Yes, that is through Monaco company. You could find there the rarest coin and of course lots of gold coins. You could buy from them whether you would like to make it your collection or for some business opportunity.

Mind and body

I woke up early today to finish an assignment. I could imagine if I am going back to school and really wake up to prepare to go to a morning class. Can I do it? I really still feel sleepy. Then after that I have to go to work. Would that all be worth it?

Oh, I really pray that what is inside the mind the body would do.

Twitterry, wittery tweet

Hey, anyone of you had joined twitter? That is another innovation in the this highly technological world. Well, I think it really works for the many especially those who are using their mobile phones for twitter. As far as I could understand, that is when twitter would serve its purpose. It is like sending all your friends who are following you updates of what you are doing or anything that you would like to share. That is when they also enable their mobile phones or registered their numbers for twitter.

For all the people in the Philippines, do you know that there is such a service that somehow works like Twitter? The only difference is it does not send automatic updates. Uzzap... Well, uzzap is more of a chat type. But, the best thing about this service? It is still for free...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guide to purchase a home

I found one article about steps on buying your own house. The title is The 12 Steps to Making a Purchase. I really like this article because it is simple and concise yet was able to explain to and guide the reader on how to start and eventually purchasing his own house. It is applicable not only for home purchases but also for acquiring a property per se. This is really useful for all those who would like to know the basics in buying a property.

When buying a property, the first step for me is to know your budget. It would be hard if you choose a property that your money could not afford. It is discussed in step three that you could write an offer. Usually, it is the agent who does the bargaining but to make your point, it is best to document your offer. By doing that, I think that the seller would know that you are serious about the property.

Financing is another aspect in purchase that is also important. If you really do not have the money or the complete amount of money , you could have a financer or a lender.

We already have our own house. I had an agent. I made an offer. Since the offer was good and I had money that time, luckily, I did not have to go to a lender.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Personalized service

I would like to experience a family vacation of our lives! Well, that is what I am saving for. I want a vacation at one of the most exotic beaches in the world. I want to eat good food at good restaurants. I want to relax. I want to swim. I want to see the moon and the stars above the sea. All while resting in a beautiful hotel room. Ahhh... a vacation is real good and refreshing.

The place I have in mind is Mexico. Have you heard of those secluded beaches? I do not like much crowd. There is one resort there with less than a hundred rooms thus service is personalized for everyone!

Fighting over small things

I and my husband almost fought about our parental duties. I really do not know but I think I am not in short of my duties as a Mom. Somehow I do not have time for my child but that is because I am working hard for him. Is that enough excuse?

The man of my dreams

Any of you have watched Boys Over Flowers or Meteor Garden? I love that show! I actually repeated some chapters last night til the wee hours of the morning. I am But, I am particularly rooting for the sort of supporting character there. The musician. Ji Yoo? Well, his character is really good there, playing martyr and a true lover. He is a very honest person and a great friend. He looks good too! He is really the man of my dreams!

Baby talk

My friend's daughter is about to turn one this July. Ever since she gave birth, her favorite hobby is to buy baby gifts for her daughter. Yes, she buys her new things almost every week. I understand her because I have been in that stage too when I had my son. I buy him new bottles, mittens, socks, blankets, clothes, every time I visit the mall. It was fun. I never noticed that my child had tons of baby items already.

In buying baby products, it is best that you buy things in all sizes already. Would you believe that my son still uses her baby shorts until today? Well, his waistline changed but he was wearing diapers then.