Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great site for football fans

Thank you to Carlsberg web tv for bringing this football fan site! It is called It is very informative and at the same time really fun. You could leave comments and even meet friends who are football lovers too! Check it out and for starter, watch some clips! I am sure you would enjoy this one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buy as many as you want

Now that the Christmas season is here, people have started shopping. They should take a look at the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical. These are very affordable! Only at the popular online eyeglasses shop, Zenni ,where you could get $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses! That would mean lots of savings if you would compare buying from elsewehere. Rest assured that these are high quality eyeglasses. Buy as many as you want!

Short hair or long hair?

I cut my hair. I really don’t have any problem with the hair cut but the real issue is I do not have very obedient hairs. That is why I prefer long hair so that I could just wear it all up in a pony tail. No sweat and looks clean all the time. I do not have to iron it or blow dry it. Nevertheless, I had to cut it. Cost cutting? Ha,ha,ha! I always say that I needed to have a shorter hair because of the recession. You know, life is hard and shampoo is becoming more expensive each day! That is just an excuse though! Anyways, I am sporting a very short hair now.

How about you? What do you prefer? Short or long hair?

Lose that belly fat!

Who would not like to flaunt their beautiful and leaner tummies? I was able to watch a commercial about a boy who was looking for his favorite Robot shirt. It turned out that her older sister is wearing it. It is an advertisement encouraging people to loose weight. Ouch! That has been my problem for a long time. My son is now five years old and I have not lost that baby fat. Lol! Kidding aside, it was hard. I do not want to blame anybody but really, how could I not eat if there is delicious food on the table? Who could resist that chocolate bar and luscious cake? Just at lunch today, I had a serving of caramel cake. However, I do not intend to be this way. It would still make me feel better if I could slip in to those old pair jeans in my cabinet. I have been keeping it for so long there as an inspiration of how acceptable the measurement of my waistline was. I know I could do it again. I guess, starting with my belly? I should take this Flat Belly Diet then. Would you believe that you could lose as much as 15 pounds in 32 days by eating dark chocolate every after meal? Pretty amazing and convincing, huh! You might want to go to the site and join this Flat Belly sort of contest. All you have to do is to fill out a form about your present physical condition and age. If you are selected, you would receive a free book and the most rewarding part is you could finally have that flat tummy again.



Friday, November 14, 2008

Fried dried fish and fresh tomatoes

It was a tiring day at the office almost doing nothing. I was able to read a few chapters of Twilight though until 7PM. Then we had to process some tasks~ finally! It was not the usual thing, though! I was really bored.

I got home around 11Pm and together with my husband munched on the Durian chips from Thailand. It is the man's favorite. I got thirsty and went to the kitchen. I saw some tomatoes at the table top. I opened the ref and there it was` some fried dried fish! Ironic for a dinner, huh! We should have that for breakfast. But then again, I could not resist it! Oh, yes! I over ate again. It was filling and satisfying! Sinful though!

A must for every travel

None of the pregnant women in the office during last summer was able to join their team’s travel out. Of course, they would not be able to enjoy it anyways because of their condition. Most of the teams went to the beach and traveled by airplane. One of our teammates who is also my friend was not able to join us. Good thing that this December, they will be checking in a hotel for a one-night stay. The facilitator chose a five star hotel that surely they could enjoy! I bet there would be a buffet during breakfast, free use of the pool and other amenities. Too bad it would only be for a day.

Next year, we hope that the company would still allow us to go on a trip. As early as January, teams are already canvassing and looking for the good places to go. Since we have been doing this for the past four years, sometimes we just choose those places that other teams had already went. That way we already have an idea on what to expect. Yes, there are already some don't go there warnings so it would be up to us if we would still try our luck in a particular beach or

I wonder if there is something like the don’t go there book here just like the one written by Peter Greenberg. It is a must for every travel.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you still happy?

My office mate said that he is having attacks of depression (?) lately. He easily gets irritated and sensitive even to very small matters. He said that he becomes like this when he is not happy anymore with the things around him. Like our job? When you are doing the same thing for almost ten years then maybe there is a reason of being unhappy already. He is now thinking of resigning and look for another work. I wish I could afford it too. Am I not happy also? Not really but there are many other factors why I would like to take a new road.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Affordable eyeglasses

Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Yes, because of its affordability yet high quality, Zenni got the attention of Fox news. Well, who would not want to get Great Eyeglasses For Less? Prescription eyeglasses always come with a price that is why others suffer from poor vision. Good news, there is Zenni. You could also choose from Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni. For the fashionable ones, you could get as many as you want because of its low price compared to those signature eyeglasses.

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