Friday, November 14, 2008

A must for every travel

None of the pregnant women in the office during last summer was able to join their team’s travel out. Of course, they would not be able to enjoy it anyways because of their condition. Most of the teams went to the beach and traveled by airplane. One of our teammates who is also my friend was not able to join us. Good thing that this December, they will be checking in a hotel for a one-night stay. The facilitator chose a five star hotel that surely they could enjoy! I bet there would be a buffet during breakfast, free use of the pool and other amenities. Too bad it would only be for a day.

Next year, we hope that the company would still allow us to go on a trip. As early as January, teams are already canvassing and looking for the good places to go. Since we have been doing this for the past four years, sometimes we just choose those places that other teams had already went. That way we already have an idea on what to expect. Yes, there are already some don't go there warnings so it would be up to us if we would still try our luck in a particular beach or

I wonder if there is something like the don’t go there book here just like the one written by Peter Greenberg. It is a must for every travel.

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