Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live long

I was asked by so many people why I transferred to a farther office location. I live very near to my previous office and it is also cheaper when it comes to fare. Yes, it is somehow accessible also. So, why the choice of transferring when it means double of everything? Well, there is one thing that was not doubled but actually eliminated. What is it? My exposure to accidents. Yes, I do not have to pass that vast highway where every motorist seems always in a hurry to reach their destination, or maybe they are driving fast towards death. Well, then I still want to live long!

Anyways, accidents are accidents and when you really could not avoid it or you have encountered one that caused some injuries, do not hesitate a lawyer. One with a caliber of an Austin Personal Injury Attorney maybe to make sure that you will win.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Read the inserts

One Sunday afternoon, I saw a girl inside the church who had a seizure attack. She is still very young and beautiful. Her parents were ready to take care of her though. She was accompanied by both parents and another sibling. They had this medicine that they put near her nose then some water and fan. Eventually, she recovered and as if nothing had happened. They continued to hear the mass.

Even though you have certain conditions, you can still have a better way of life. Thank you to Science for inventing such medicines or first aides or even a cure for certain types of diseases. However, there are also some dangerous medicines around. There are disclaimers, I believe and all contraindications might be indicated in the inserts. Better read it before taking in any tablet or ask your doctor.

Well, for one, there is Paxil Lawsuit because of the Paxil drug. The drug is being used for seizures, migraines and even psychiatric disorders. It should be contraindicated to pregnant women as it might cause a birth defect which is cleft palate.

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