Sunday, July 5, 2009

Guide to purchase a home

I found one article about steps on buying your own house. The title is The 12 Steps to Making a Purchase. I really like this article because it is simple and concise yet was able to explain to and guide the reader on how to start and eventually purchasing his own house. It is applicable not only for home purchases but also for acquiring a property per se. This is really useful for all those who would like to know the basics in buying a property.

When buying a property, the first step for me is to know your budget. It would be hard if you choose a property that your money could not afford. It is discussed in step three that you could write an offer. Usually, it is the agent who does the bargaining but to make your point, it is best to document your offer. By doing that, I think that the seller would know that you are serious about the property.

Financing is another aspect in purchase that is also important. If you really do not have the money or the complete amount of money , you could have a financer or a lender.

We already have our own house. I had an agent. I made an offer. Since the offer was good and I had money that time, luckily, I did not have to go to a lender.

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