Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On top of the game

I see the IT people in our office being highly paid. I sort of envy them sometimes knowing that I could have taken that path also if I wanted too. It is not only the salary that is attractive but also the knowledge that they have about technology. It is now the era of computers, password, programs and the like. Everything is almost automated. All businesses need an IT expert.

Telecommunications and setting up of networks be it big and small are also the main trend in the industry today thus the high demand for information technologists in all levels. The competition is becoming great also amongst the IT graduates because the higher the demand, there are also an influx of enrollees for the IT course. After graduation, what is the demarcating factor between them? There is no board exams for ITs as doctors of medicine or nurses and other professions do. There are certifications, instead. Where to get a trusted one? They can check on Cisco certification. Cisco offers many courses for different levels and depending on the nature of job, one is to apply for. The skills that he might need appropriate for the role that he will be partaking say in the setting up of network and the like.

In everything that we do, we have to stay on top of the game. Be it in IT or in a different field, for us to rise above the rest, we should always keep our best foot forward. How to achieve that? Be good and continue to achieve to become the best. For ITs, let Cisco help you with that.

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