Friday, July 4, 2008

Make both ends meet

My friend told me a few months ago about the opportunity in blogging. She said that her friend resigned from her job and go writing online full time and big time! She was in bed rest then because of her pregnancy. At first, I thought I will have no time for that because I am working in the office and what I would like to do getting home or during my rest days is actually rest. I also have to do some laundry and house cleaning. But then again, I realized, why not give it a try? The rest is history and I am blogging already for quite sometime now.

The market is not that generous though as I have made earning through blogging a second source. Not until I joined SocialSpark.There are many advertisers in this community and you can even make friends with them.If one opportunity is marked red which means your blog is not qualified, you can still send a request and who knows, you might just get that sponsorship that you want.

There are many Mommy bloggers in the blogosphere and I am encouraging all of you to join Social Spark. Besides the fact that there are many opportunities available that you can choose from, you will be able to meet so many other people. The more the merrier.

I am also a Mommy blogger. Now that my son is growing up, I am thinking of staying at home to follow him every step of the way. But, I need to work also because of our financial needs. Blogging together with Social Spark is a good option for me. Actually, even though if I am just a part time blogger so to speak, those given by Social Spark to me to write about have been a big help for us to make both ends meet.

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