Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you want more readers?

Why do you blog? There are some anonymous blogs that became like that because they want to keep it to themselves, maybe as a personal online diary. What if you would like to share information and meet people? In the long run, you will also try to monetize your blog. Why not? That will be an extra source of income. If you would like to share information and make money, what do you need? People to read your blog and blog posts. You should have the magic word, traffic. How do you do that? There are many ways really. Sometimes, your web host can even provide that for you but on a limited basis depending on what you pay for. Why pay when you can deliver your content for free? Yes, through Zookoda. It is like having your own newsletter thru e-mail. Yes, your posts will be directly sent to the inbox of your readers! No spam worries! Here are some benefits of Zookoda:
-mobile users can even be reached by sending your content in text format
-newsletters can be personalized to match with your blog’s theme
-newsletter subscription forms can be customized
-broadcasts can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
-you can view real time reports
-and of course, it somehow becomes your e-mail manager

So, what are we all waiting for? Sign up now for free! I am sure that your traffic will be increased and more and more people will be interested going to your site. Increased traffic means you have to do better so it somehow indirectly inspires you also to make quality posts, right?

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