Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guy meets girl

Even in the oldest times, fixing the hair is evident and a necessity for both men and women. That is why, there are many products in the market for the hair. When I was in my younger years, I have a beautiful hair that I could turn into different styles. That is made possible with the help of a good shampoo and conditioner.

Let me share a story about Victory hair. I have a friend who looks really hot. Moreover, she knows to even look better by making up her hair. Whether she wear it long or short, up or down, it is good on her head. There was once a time that we were in a party and a person approached us. Hmn, the guy by the way also looked great and his hair seemed very soft to touch. His hair was also well kept. I wonder if he used Extreme Style by VO5.I could say that he and my friend was a perfect match. He offered to bring us home. My friend and I were neighbors. I went ahead to my house and I learned the next day that this fellow stayed for a cup of coffee and the rest is history. They stayed as steady dates for quite sometime. That is usually the steps a man do. Complement a woman, bring her home, coffee talks, dates, and who knows what is next?

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