Monday, July 21, 2008

Page rank conscious

Are you page rank conscious? I am! Ha,ha! I am laughing at myself but it is true, I check my blog and my friends’ blogs’ page rank almost everyday. I have this obsession and to let go of this, I think I should tell it to the world. Then again, I think that page rank should not be the measure to judge if it is a quality blog or not. Moreover, who says that it should be ranked or measured anyway? Most blogs are personal diaries and a form of therapy for the many. Writing is their way to release their tensions. An outlet. Having a good ranking is secondary, I guess. For those who are trying to monetize their blogs though, it is of importance in a way. Having a page rank would mean more assignments, I guess. I see successful probloggers though with PR 0. As of me? I got zero. Still, thank you to those who trust in me. Do not leave nor disappear!

1 comment:

MiLeTTe said...

hi mica,

don't worry about page rank. may raket pa nman kahit zero pr d ba. anyway, i am just checking how your other blog is going ? naayos mo na ba ?