Monday, July 14, 2008

I want to be an IT expert

I wish I were an IT expert. Imagine, I had a problem setting up my own domain yet it is just a piece of cake if you ask an IT guy about it. The in thing really is to be techy. Even in the office, if you are a technological person, you are being looked up to. I can still remember one of my supervisors before. We call her our in house IT. You know why? Whenever there is something wrong with our computers be it software or hardware problem, we do not have to call our technical department to fix it. She can do it on her own. Too bad, she is not being paid for it. She already resigned from the company and went abroad for greener pasture. I wonder if she will get a Cisco certification so that she could practice or land a job in the IT world. She took a second course in the field of information technology and a certification from a reputable name in this industry could really increase her chances to make it there. She got the talent, the education and the Cisco certification so definitely she will go a long way. Maybe, I will give her a call so that she will find out about it if she has not enrolled or finished it yet. How about me? Well, I will study my options and if I have the time, I will definitely get one. Primarily, I have to study the basics first, right? Now, I am really regretting of not allowing my husband to take a computer course and excel in the advance world of information technology. It is not yet too late for both of us, is it?

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