Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How do you manage petty quarrels?

I am praying for patience everyday. With all the pressures inside the household and in the office, patience is really needed. I admire all those who keep their cool, every time. In our house, we always have petty quarrels. Sometimes, I get into it and eventually make it big, And then I thought, oh, the matter is too small to be given time and attention. I should have shrugged my shoulders off and did not mind it at all. What if those fights become frequent? If you add one plus one, it becomes two and so on and so forth. You might just wake up one day that there is already a very big dark cloud inside your home. Keep mum about it? Stay quiet? Accept it? Everyday is a continuous struggle thru life. I hope I will make it.

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sasha said...

We have the same situation at home, Mica. Having four siblings, three of which are girls like me, you can just imagine how loud we can get at times. Plus, petty things tend to become big because we all have tempers. It runs high in my father's side of the family.

It's hard, actually. There is a fool-proof way to diffuse a situation like ours. Probably, when everyone is having a go at it, others could just keep quiet. And then when everyone cooled off already, talk about it.