Friday, July 18, 2008

Join in!

They say that the hair is the crown of glory. True, right? Many products and services had come up in the market today for improvement of your look by having a nice hair. Nevertheless, we should go back to the basic. That is the usual shampoo and conditioner that we use everyday. I am sure that most of you have tried or are using Extreme Style by VO5. I think I was able to watch one of its campaigns featuring the winner of a popular contest. Well, it is a good one and perfect for the Victory Hair promo.

Have you ever been noticed because of your beautiful hair? I remember during my prime years that men use the women’s hair as subject so that they can say something and eventually introduce themselves. As of me, I cannot forget that line said to me by a man about my hair. He said, “I can die right now if I have touched your long black hair!” That really made me laugh! Men, out there or even women, if you are good at this, then you might want to check out Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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