Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jerry is still here

Do you know Jerry? Yeah, the rat! Since, it is year of the rat, I would like to write about him.Tom and Jerry is actually one of the favorite shows of my son.As a matter of fact, he has a DVD of Tom and Jerry episodes.There are times that he watches it a trillion times a day!Really now! Well, I sort of thank T&J because I can do lots of other things when my kid is busy with it.

By the way, the reason why I am writing this also is because, I saw the small Jerry running around the sala just now!Yikesss? I do not want to give any excuses why he is here, huh! Actually, one time he was saying hi to me here at my computer table.I asked my husband since, it is year of the rat, is it bad to kill them? He said, no! So, he tried to let small Jerry rest in peace by offering some food.But, I think, it was not successful! Jerry is still here!


1 comment:

Rattitude said...

We urge you to use an old fashioned snap trap if you decide to kill the unwanted Jerry in your home.

Poison and glue traps are horrible ways to die.