Monday, August 25, 2008

Believing in yourself

Do you sometimes tell yourself, you did well! Yes, who will love you first but you! That is why there is the song, The Greatest Love of All, right? I just thought of it out of the blue. Well, I think I have written something nice, he,he,he. Look at the post below!

Anyways, my friend inculcated into my mind that I should be proud of the things I do. In that way, others will follow. I should not be shy of my accomplishments but instead let others know about it when asked, ha! I might annoy them if I just mumble about things without being asked. Before, this friend of ours is misunderstood for that seeing her as aggressive and yes, PROUD or not humble at all. Then again, that is her way to boost her self-confidence so who could judge her for it, right?

Me, I needed some more inspiration to keep me going. There are times that I really feel down and feel that nothing is going right.

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Ryanne said...

I think it is definitely good to know when we did well, and even being able to say, hey, I did do a great job. I think it is good to be pleased with the cool things we do!
And I love the dragon fly picture, it is a beautiful shot!