Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you a high priced blogger?

Are you a high priced blogger? Meaning, do you do paid posts for a set amount? Do you bend your standards?
I always pray for me to be given more tasks to write. Blogging for money has been very helpful to us. These past few days, there was a lesser influx of assignments. I prayed hard last night and asked for it. There is an available one for $2. I had second thoughts of accepting it. But then again, do I have the right? I should be thankful that my prayer is answered. I did accept it.

Just a few minutes ago, I was able to get five more at 5$ each. A mystery, is it not? I think I was just tested if I will be humble enough and be thankful for what He provides. After all, He is the wealthiest God and He provides us with all our needs all the time.

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