Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good food!

My friend’s uncle owns a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes we order there our lunch especially during weekends when our canteen is not available. I love their seafood recipes! Besides, seafood is good for the health. Compared to meat and chicken, seafood has less fat. The oil that you will get from some of it can even be healthy. Since my shift is 1200-2100H today, it is past lunch, thus I was not able to place my order. The ones who are on earlier shifts were already eating when arrived. Wow, fish tofu! This dish is one of my favorites. I am becoming hungry again. To think that I just had my meal at 11AM! Ha, ha, ha! I am a hearty eater that is why, I should choose carefully what to put inside my stomach or else, I will be really big! Anyways, if I cannot eat the seafood that I want today, I will just ask my husband to prepare for me. Yes, he is the one who does the cook off! Maybe, I will buy some shrimps and crabs tomorrow for a Family Day treat! I have seen a good recipe at is actually the winner of the competition. It is a complete meal already because it has bacon, okra, shrimp, spices and other vegetables. Most of all, this dish made by Chef John Currence of Mississippi has rice! I cannot live without eating rice!It is called Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice.

There are other recipes to find on this site. Good news, you could vote for the recipe that you think is the best. Yes, there are prizes available like that trip package to New Orleans.

You will find good food and you have a chance to win, so what are you waiting for? Check it out, now!

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