Monday, August 25, 2008

Laugh but it is true!

Hey guys! Do you want to understand more yourself? Then you should read this article: Are You Normal or Nuts? by Reader’s Digest. It is good to laugh at ourselves sometimes then we will realize that we have read is actually true for us and for others. The article tells about insecurities, phobias, paranoia and things that are just normal. You will not get bored because the stories there are funny and actually entertaining but in the end, you will learn something from it. The advices given in every situation is very good too. It is like having a psychologist in front of you! Wow, we all get a free session at that!

One of my favorites is about shopping, of course! The article actually reminded me of my previous boss. During my interview, I remembered the polo shirt that he was wearing in terms of color and brand. As I saw him everyday in the office, I noticed that he seemed wearing the same polo shirt in two to three consecutive days. I asked his bodyguard if he was like that not changing clothes everyday or just had a favorite. He laughed at me and informed me that our boss has a collection of that particular shirt in all shades! Being the personal assistant that time, I was able to ho with him shopping and I saw myself that he will not buy clothes in one color. He buys it in a minimum of five! Imagine that! I would like to ask him then, “Sir, Are You Normal or Nuts?”. Oh, I could have been fired if I did that, right?LOL!

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