Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meek and Mild?

We are three girls in the family. Some people say that we are to each her own beauty. My youngest sister has fair skin and tall at 5’7”. She was actually a beauty queen in our town. Our eldest is the shortest at 5’2” but she has a different charm because of her friendliness. She always wears that big smile. Me? I am the meek and mild type. They say that I am blessed with an angelic face. People say that they melt with my gaze. Oh, well, my husband is the one who always tells that to me. He said that I have that flirtatious smile as if working to magnetize everyone. The way I move my long hair also had a meaning for him. I always would like to achieve a Victory Hair. Women can always use their hair whether if we wear it up or down to get a guy, don’t we? Hey, why don’t you check out the contest by Extreme Style by VO5 to know more about this Victory Hair thing. You will also learn more tricks to keep your man or woman! Go and emerge as the winner of the Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Going back to me, I am also a very caring person and even without words, my friends and loved ones could feel it. I am a woman of few words that is why. I also want to keep my mystery at times. I might sympathize with you by hugging you or giving you a pat on your back. I am also a shoulder to cry on. Do I have that look in the picture? I think I am saying like, I am the boss here in that arms on my waist pose!

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