Friday, September 26, 2008

LASIK: good for your eyes

Good eyesight is very important to everybody. My husband and I were talking a few days ago on what he would choose not to lose and he said that it is his vision. That is why there are many modern technologies now in relation to the improvement of visual acuity. Even eye surgeries right now are not that scary because of LASIK technology. It is a laser eye surgery to correct vision. It has been around for more than five years and many have tried and actually benefited from it. Most of all, this procedure is safe.

There is new LASIK information that really caught my interest. There is a modern LASIK version that uses two lasers instead of one. It is now called iLASIK. Besides the surgery that is being performed by the first laser. The second laser would do the correction of vision. It was proven that many have acquired a 20-20 vision or even better after the procedure. Because of its efficiency and popularity, the US Military and NASA had adapted this for their personnel. This is a good investment on their part because of the nature of their work. An excellent vision is really needed.

I might check this out and hopefully I can schedule a check up for my hubby. His vision is now blurry. I am afraid; there will come a time that he might not recognize my face.


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