Friday, January 20, 2012

Find a doctor

We always want to have the best doctor, right? Since health is important, we will not settle for second best. After all, we work to live and if we get sick, we will not have work, thus we need to live an be healthy to be able to wrok and live. Does it make sense?

Anyways, it is a good thing that we know that there are good hospitals with good doctors. Actually, doctors hop from one hospital to another thus it is best that they have constant communication with each other especially in cases that more than one doctor is needed for a particular ailment. It is a must that they coordinate with the correct doctor depening on the need, right?

The practice before or even until now is asking around and referring one doctor to the other. It is a matter of trust. I believe that it should be more than that. Profiles should be considered.Doximity is the answer!

Try looking for Alan Koenigsberg MD an doctors with the same expertise at Doximity!

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