Thursday, August 26, 2010

My beautiful friend

Good thing of having a friend is you have someone to talk to about everything. I am lucky to have one in the office. Good thing we are sort of team mates these days as I cross post at their team since they need more people to do their backlog. Yesterday, we were talking about life and our dreams. Yes, sometimes, we do not feel contented of what we have. The job we are in is for sustaining our daily needs. We actually hope that we will be offered an early retirement so that we can use the money that we will receive for the things that we love to do. Enrolling in a Cosmetology School in Austin is what she likes. She is a beautiful person and loves going to spa to pamper herself so she is thinking that knowing the basics in beautification will be like hitting two birds in one stone. You know, she can use it for her own needs and she can put up a business and earn from it! Clever, dear friend!

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