Sunday, March 21, 2010

Schedule for Monday

My accomplishment for today? I ironed my uniforms that I will wear until Thursday! Yes, that means I have more time during the day. Maybe I could follow my schedule already. Hmmm.... I have to make it already. Let me see.

1. Wake up at 6AM- no promises though. Hahaha! Well, I love sleeping
2. Walk for thirty minutes-the nutritionist said that I could do 30 minutes brisk walking per day. I do not promise to do that but I will try.
3. 7 AM- eat breakfast- oatmeal or peanut butter sandwich? Wow, healthy, huh!
4. Prepare to go to the office- I am on an early shift tom!
5. 730AM- off to the road
6. 9-6= office
7. 7PM- off to the road
8. 8PM- hope to be home already- eat dinner
9. 9PM- I should be doing blogging?
10. 10 PM onwards- watch TV
11. 12AM- sleep

Hmmmm.... I shall review this schedule and see what I could still squeeze in.

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