Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trusted source

I am thinking of a good investment. My son is growing up and we need extra income to sustain our lifestyle. I do not want the time to come that he will experience how hard life is. I did go through that. We had to go to the nearest mini grocery store and borrow food. Borrow means we have to get food and we are going to pay for it at the end of the month when my Mom already got the salary of my late Dad. Yes, we had so many credit lines if you will call it nowadays. The only difference is that, we are forever in debt in the minds of our neighbors unlike in credit card companies wherein, we are being treated as valued clients. Anyways, so much of the past. Going back to the investment I am talking about, my friend is encouraging me to buy gold bars. I think that it is a good idea. Gold is valuable and I never heard of anything negative about gold. I just have to get it from a trusted source.

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