Sunday, October 28, 2007

Automatic Planner

It is still my rest day.1030 am and I had washed tons of laundry.I have been looking at the web for some opportunities.I am also thinking of what I will do tomorrow going back to the office.All the disputes that I have to attend to especially those roaming disputes that compiled at my work que.You know those subscribers who roam abroad and used their mobile phones then after seeing the bill will dispute the charges otherwise? It is really stressful to talk to those people.I know deep in their hearts that all charges are valid.Maybe they just did not anticipate that it will be that big.Then, I have to go to the bank to pay for my son's educational plan.It is due today but it is Barangay Elections in the country thus, offices are closed.

Later, we are going to the mall.We are to build our house and we will be looking for tiles, woods, doors, cabinets.Basically, canvassing first. We are excited on how our small place will look like.

I wish there could be a site that would give the calculations by just entering the size of the house in square meters, then the size of the rooms. I want it to compute for the number of the tiles to be used, number of paint cans, wood, cament, gravel and sand. Everything.Life would be esaier if there is one like that, don't you think?

I found SmartDraw at the web but I really do not know how to use it.But , I think it is also useful for draftsmen. I wish they could have one for those who do not have any knowledge at all.

Gotta go.My husband is to arrive and off to the mall we go.

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