Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 1

Foods eaten- 3 pieces Oreo, 4 pieces of pandesal
Drinks- 1 glass of orange juice and 1 cup of coffee
Exercise- none yet
Activities- still here sitting down and trying to list down what I have doe so far-- well, it is brain activity.They said that thinking consumes more calories but it also increases one's apetite.Promise, after this post I will work.Today is my restday so I am having time to just sit here.

Things to do:
1.wash the dishes
2.clean the house
3.wash clothes- it is rainign though.I hope I could still wash.Hope the rain will stop.
4.visit my sister- yes, I planned it yesterday and even told her.I know she will understand because it is raining.I do not have my own car,eh.
5.arrange the clothes- we have some clothes that we do not really use.I plan to dispose them already.
6.cook (?)- I am not sure.I am not really a hearty eater on my own.It is my husband who cooks well.He is out right now to her mom.He goes out whenevr it is my rest day.
7.take care of my kid- yes- my four year old son- well, he is a good boy.He only loves to watch Tom and Jerry or play with his Thomas Train.
8.Exercise (?)- that is a very big battle for me.I'd rather sleep.Isn't cleaning and washing the clothes exercise enough.I really don't want to get the answer.

That is all for now.Gotta start.

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