Monday, October 22, 2007

The Temple

There is a phrase in the Holy Book that tells about how we should take care of our body.It says that it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.Another verse also said, "Be Holy for I am Holy".

I am having some wake up calls these days regarding my weight.My friend might say that I have been saying it for the longest time but really, I am having some symptoms that I can attribute with my being Obese Class 2. Yes, I am only around 5'2 but I weigh 168 lbs.I am really big.Before, I was only 111 lbs.Then I became 130 lbs. The biggest I was when I was still single was 140 lbs. Still big for my height.But, I was sort of muscular so it was only few percent fat.Then, I got pregnant.Had an excuse for eating much or to be out of control?During my term, I already bloated to 180- 185 lbs.Luckily when my son was born, I became 160-165 lbs.My son is turning 4 already this December and yet, I even gained extra pounds instead of losing some.

Today is Tuesday.They said that diet starts Monday.Can I start now? I had just eaten 5 medium sized pandesal with coffee ( read:1/2 teaspoon coffee, 2 tsps sugar, 2tsps of coffee mate).Lots of zero calories, huh!

But how about this temple? It is experiencing some troubles that it might collapse! I am obese! Oh, STRESS.So, because of obesity, I am having stress and that stress is causing much more bad symptoms like dandruff, constipations, pimples, sleepless nights, irritability.Lots of not so good stuffs!

Oh, got to start.

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Sandy Carlson said...

I have a friend--my Buddhist teacher--who tells me about an alcoholic who decided to stop fighting alcohol and the fact that he was hooked on it. Then he was able to give it up. This man accepted his nature, and then there was no battle--and no need to drink! As I munch on candy day and night, I think I must accept my nature as a candy eater! Perhaps then I can stop!