Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend Report

It is already 10/27/07.Five days since I have written that Day 1 post.So, how did I fare with my diet?I did not pass!There were things that I was able to avoid but I did not have any exercise at all.
I have been preoccupied lately with a lot of things that is why the supposed strict dieting is taken aside.It is really funny that it needs concentration on my part.Really!I think I will lose weight if I will just stay home and sleep all day.It is very effective for me.It is scientific also because there is a condition atrophy due to disuse.One good example is my sister's left extremity.She encountered an accident last September 25, 2007.All of her metatarsals on the left foot ere cut into halves.she cannot walk with both legs right now .If you can see her lower extremities (LE), the right LE is
very much bigger than the LE.Its muscles already atrophied.But, of course, it can recover through exercise.

As of the moment I weigh 168 lbs and very bloated as my sister's neighbor commented a while ago.I did not feel offended at all? Even though she is also as big as I am? Yes, I did not show that I was offended.I just had her as a reason why I did not eat the two fried drumsticks that my husband cooked for me tonight!

Hay, I really how to even be 140lbs at least.But that is 28 lbs! to lose.

I can do it.I can.I know.Heeeeelllllppppppp!!!!!!!

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